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San Andrés

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What to eat in San Andrés

African and English influences are manifest in the food of the islands where sea products such as fish, snails and crabs are combined with coconut, banana and breadfruit.




Examples of island cuisine are rondón, a dish containing pork, conch and coconut milk; pies and crab soup; and ripe banana cake.



  • Crab empanadas are sold at the roadside, in San Andrés. Also there are empanadas stuffed with meat and chicken.

    Crab Empanadas
    On the road
  • This cake is made from flour and filled with sweet ripe banana, cooked and allowed to cool.

    Banana Cake
    The sweet touch


In San Andrés tourists find good restaurants specializing in seafood and roadside stands selling typical food. In some hotels in Providence's good dishes.