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Vacations are an opportunity to experience unforgettable surroundings that will help you disconnect from your daily life and journey into your inner...


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At almost 2,000, Colombia is home to more bird species than any other country. Its vast national parks, varied climates and intricate eco-systems...


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Discover adventure tourism in Colombia and enjoy an adrenaline-fueled experience you’ll remember forever. Explore the country’s rivers, mountains,...


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Are you considering a trip to Colombia but worried because you don’t have a traveling companion? Fear no more! Here, in our mini guide, we offer six...

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There's a place where kindness, joy, diversity, flavor and music come together to make people vibrate, that place is Colombia. Come and feel the rhythm!


Colombia enters in the modality of cultural tourism through the creation of the Tourist Network of Heritage Towns of Colombia, a strategy to promote sustainable development. 

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