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Colombia Top 5: 5 Reasons You Should Come to Colombia, Now!

Hi everyone, JL here. First and foremost, thanks for reading our first entry in our blog for where Marcela (my wife) will join me during the coming weeks. We took a long time to decide what we’d kick things off with… We thought maybe to introduce ourselves, tell you who we are, what we do etc., but you can find all that information in our original blog. In the end the decision was obvious, and staring us right in the face as we looked out the window, so here are our

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Come to Colombia, Now!

Tatacoa desert

5) Colombia is much, much more than beaches.

When you imagine Colombia without having come here, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly beaches. Palm trees, white sands, turquoise waters – the Caribbean paradise. Afterwards you might call Cartagena to mind and, finally, a steaming cup of the best coffee in the world. But the traveler than comes to Colombia will be surprised to know that, during their stay, you could visit the Tatacoa Desert and find some of the most arid, desolate landscapes in the world, worthy of a scene in Star Wars; you can find snow-capped mountains at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; some of the best extreme sports spots in the world in San Gil; surprising, modern cities such as Medellín which boast perfect weather all year round, or, alternatively, take a dip in the (rain) water in the bustling Bogotá (more on that later). Beaches, for sure (Tayrona is comparable to Thailand, says Paul), but also almost any landscape, scenery or experience that you want.

Cocora Valley foto by

4) Be a pioneer

The image of Colombia is changing. During the troubled years in its history very few travellers dared visit and the country mainly relied on internal tourism. Today, Colombia continues to receive more and more travelers – all different kinds of people from all over the world. It’s still, however, a new destination. There’s nothing quite like exploring the beaches of Tayrona or La Guajira Desert with the sensation of being one of the first explorers – like the place somehow belongs to you. Imagine discovering The Lost City – an ancient settlement bigger than Machu Picchu – and sharing the experience with only a small group of fellow travelers. You arrive at the top, put in your headphones, and listen to your favorite music. No-one surrounds you. In very few parts of the world can you enjoy this experience overlooking such impressive scenery.

The Risk is wanting to stay foto by

3)  Yes, the only risk is wanting to stay


It rarely happens in advertising, but the slogan of the official campaign for tourism in Colombia completely hits the target. None of us have met a traveler that didn’t want to be in Colombia a little longer, explore a little more, return soon, or simply stay in the country. They all have their own reasons, but it’s something you should discover for yourself.

The surprising Bogota foto by


2) The surprising Bogotá


We briefly spoke above about Bogotá. To the surprise of many, in Bogotá it rains a lot. Like, a lot a lot. There are no palm trees – nor chickens – as they try and tell you in Hollywood. We’re in the middle of the Andes, at a considerable height (2600mt, higher than the highest skiing resort in Europe). These are the first things that will surprise you – at least superficially – to begin with. The longer you stay, however, the more you’ll find yourself surprised by the amount of museums, bookshops, cultural activities, international restaurants and, of course, the famous Bogotá nightlife. Bogotá is a huge city, and very cosmopolitan. In fact, as I, a Peruvian, sit here in a café-bookshop in La Macarena, I can hear a pair of Germans talking over a beer. A group of English people browse the bookshelves while a guy from France tries to teach a girl from Bogotá how to say ‘breakfast’ in his country.

Colombia People foto by


1)The people

You’re going to hear this again and again and again, but, you know what? It’s not an exaggeration. Our blog is written by a Colombian that lived in London for a decade; a South African that drove throughout South America for many years; an Englishman that travelled two years around our continent; and me, a Peruvian that’s decided to settle in Colombia. It’s the 43rd country I’ve visited. Sometimes we disagree about things – our favorite food, museum or type of music. We always agree on the same thing however: we’ve never felt more welcome than we do here in Colombia.

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Adam W Wednesday, 22 February 2012

You #1 gives me goosebumps, I couldn't agree more! However, I've only been to 23 countries so far myself :p

Dissect The Planet Saturday, 25 February 2012

JL way to go! We are planning an extended trip to Colombia and the flight heads out in April. Your blog entry is almost making me want to make the airline move the flight to an earlier date. I look forward to 1 seeing what you have share about the country and 2 trying some of the things you suggest for myself in the near future. Keep up the good real posts.

Dissect The Planet

JL Sunday, 26 February 2012

Thanks Dissect the Planet! :) We already have a lot of very interesting post in queue , so keep checking back! Also make sure to check our daily updated blog at

Un Abrazo


Dissect The Planet Sunday, 26 February 2012

JL your daily blog has been bookmarked and stumbled upon. How long will you all be in Colombia for?

JL Sunday, 26 February 2012

I don't plan on leaving Colombia any time soon dear Dissect the Planet , I have finally found a place in which I want to stay for good after all these years of constant traveling ;)

JL Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hi Adam,

Its really amazing, in all my travels around the world I've never seen an opinion as unanimous from the expat community, the only risk, indeed, is wanting to stay :)

JL Monday, 12 March 2012

They say pictures speak a thousand words so we turned this post into an infographic (below) We want to ask our readersto please help us spread the good word about Colombia by sharing the following image as much as you can to get across in a simple way what people are missing by not coming to Colombia.

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