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Colombian handicrafts

Colombian handicrafts

Nowadays, Colombian handicrafts belong to the group of better-designed, high-quality products the country has to offer. We find them in the shops of world capitals like Milan and New York, as well as in the homes of Chinese, French, Canadian, Russian, and many other tourists who visited Colombia and took them back as souvenirs.

Just as there is a huge geographical diversity , from La Guajira to the Amazon and from Nariño and Putumayo to the Llanos Orientales (eastern plains) and all the regions in between, there is a great variety of artisan products that make Colombia stand out in the world. Our artisans exhibit the enormous creativity, imagination, ingenuity, and talent that characterize us.

Visit us and discover the unbelievable assortment of handcrafted articles that our country proposes to the world.

The basis of these products is the large amount of easily accessible natural materials offered by the land. These are mainly clay, bamboo, leather, fibers, sisal, guadua, wool, wood, tagua, totumo (the gourd of the totumo tree (Crescentia Cujete), and precious metals.

Handicrafts are the maximum representation of Colombia’s idiosyncrasy and one of its better cultural expressions. Hammocks, gold pieces, silver filigree, basketry, upholstery articles, ceramics, seed and coconut accessories, embroidery, furniture, tagua sculptures, wooden objects, and hand-knit articles constitute part of the excellent showcase Colombia displays.

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