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Archaeological Tourism

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Archaeological destinations like the San Agustín Archaeological Park will undoubtedly be the most fascinating experience of your trip.

Archaeological parks are one of the most important and impressive cultural riches in Colombia.

This is why every year thousands of tourists travel to these destinations in search of the past, and as they do so, they come closer and closer to the magic of  these magnificent sites.

Archaeological tourism in Colombia is a memorable experience for discovering the marks left by the pre-Hispanic societies that inhabited this territory, their way of life, social organization, degree of development, nourishment, beliefs, constructions…

San Agustín Archaeological Park

San Agustín Archaeological Park

All of the following await to be discovered: fascinating gigantic monoliths from a culture that remains unknown to this day at Alto de los Ídolos and Alto de las Piedras, (historians gave the name “San Agustín” to the culture and the park); tombs of pre-Columbian societies in Tierradentro; cave paintings in Facatativá, the marvelous museum of the Calima Culture near Cali, with its huge archaeological exhibits; the magical Ciudad Perdida, or Lost City, of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; and the Muisca Raft that reveals the secret of the legend of El Dorado.

You will find many answers to the questions you may have when you visit Colombia’s marvelous archaeological sites:

  • Tierradentro Archaeological Park
  • San Agustín Archaeological Park
  • Facatativá Archaeological Park
  • Alto de los Ídolos and Alto de las Piedras Archaeological Parks
  • Calima Darién Archaeological Museum
  • Ciudad Perdida on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Muisca Raft at the Gold Museum in Bogotá.


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