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Rio Blanco Protected Forest Reserve

The protective forest reserve of Rio Blanco and Quebrada Olivares constitute one of the most unique areas in the world displaying both great biodiversity and conservation of natural resources. It is located on the Andean central mountain range in the Department of Caldas, three kilometers from the north east side of the municipality of Manizales. Attractions/Services: Bird watching; Ecological trails; Lodging; and Restaurant The protective forest reserve of Rio Blanco contains 393 species of birds approximately 20% of all indigenous birds in Colombia and is designated an area of environmental interest for the conservation of wild birds in the tropic AICA or important area for birds IBA. As such, Rio Blanco has become a hotspot for birdwatchers from all over the world.


  • Bicolored Antpitta

    Grallaria rufocinerea

    Bicolored Antpitta_Grallaria rufocinera_Foto Christopher Calonje www.colombiabirdwatch.com SEE MORE
  • Masked saltator

    Saltator cinctus

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  • Ocellated Tapaculo

    Acropternis orthonyx

    ocellated-tapaculo SEE MORE