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The Colombian Project

The Colombian Project is an independent tour operator that specializes in various nature, adventure and cultural niches, such as cultural discovery, bird watching, wildlife watching, history and archaeology, cycling and high-mountain trekking amongst others. The Colombian Project was an idea to bring our passion, love and knowledge of Colombia to the world. After 4 years of investigation and development, our company was born in 2013. With over twenty years of combined travel experience in Colombia, our growth since then has been nothing short of remarkable. Our aim is to provide cutting edge experiences with excellent service, quality and comfort, all delivered to the specification of our clients, in a way that ensures that the cultures and environments that we visit are preserved and sustained for the future. We tend to exceed expectations and this is why we are unique in Colombia. We’re not your average tour operator in the sense that we love exploring, investigating and developing our own cutting-edge experiences. That’s what keeps us ahead of the rest, and gives us the capability to offer breathtaking experiences unlike any other. It takes time, effort and no small amount of love, but our clients are all the better for it. We love the people, the culture, environment and just about everything else that we come into contact with during any given trip. That is why doing things the right way comes first and everything else second. We care very deeply about Colombia and want only what’s best for the country and its people. Alongside our concept of innovation and exploration, we make sure that we follow responsible travel and sustainable development guidelines during our trip design and implementation. Some of the best experiences we offer are bird watching tours. We work with excellent qualified bilingual ornithologists as part of our team guides, providing the best birding in Colombia. All the trips are tailored made to fit the birding requirements of our clients, depending on specific bird species, ecosystems or landscapes that they require. Working diligently within biological and scientific circles, we have been able to gain special access the best sites (some of which are not open to the standard traveler) to see the most interesting and rare species. As avid photographers we love nothing better than to capture the beauty of nature using professional equipment. Some of our photographic tour leaders are among the best nature photographers in the country. We build relationships with local people and communities and look to invest in Colombia and Colombians wherever we can. Whilst we’re not an NGO, we like to think we have the same outlook in ensuring that our value chain is very well looked after and aided wherever possible, as they are what makes our trips so special, not us. It’s Colombia’s time now and we just want to spread the word, show its beauty and help people fall in love with it, just as we did all those years ago.



  • Amazonian Umbrellabird

    Cephalopterus ornatus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Apolinar's Wren

    Cistothorus apolinari

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Beautiful Woodpecker

    Melanerpes pulcher

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black Manakin

    Xenopipo atronitens

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-streaked Puffbird

    Malacoptila fulvogularis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Blue-billed Curassow

    Crax alberti

    Blue Billed Curassow Crax SEE MORE
  • Blue-throated Starfrontlet

    Coeligena helianthea

    Blue throated Starfrontleft SEE MORE
  • Bogota Rail

    Rallus semiplumbeus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Bronzy Jacamar

    Galbula leucogastra

    Bronzy Jacamar_Galbula leucogastra SEE MORE
  • Brown Jacamar

    Brachygalba lugubris

    Bird Brown Jacamar | Colombian Birds SEE MORE
  • Buffy Hummingbird

    Leucippus fallax

    Bird Buffy Hummingbird | Colombian Birds SEE MORE
  • Carunculated Caracara

    Phalcoboenus carunculatus

    Carunculated Caracara SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-bellied Cotinga

    Doliornis remseni

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-bellied Hummingbird

    Amazilia castaneiventris

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Cundinamarca Antpitta

    Grallaria kaestneri

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Deep-blue Flowerpiercer

    Diglossa glauca

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Gilded Barbet

    Capito auratus

    Gilded Barbet SEE MORE
  • Golden-eared Tanager

    Tangara chrysotis

    Golden-eared Tanager SEE MORE
  • Golden-fronted whitestart

    Myioborus chrysops

    Golden-fronted whitestart SEE MORE
  • Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock

    Rupicola rupicola

    Guianan Cock-of-the-rock_Rupicola rupicola Foto Christopher Calonje www.colombiabirdwatch.com SEE MORE
  • Lafresnaye's Piculet

    Picumnus lafresnayi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Long-billed Woodcreeper

    Nasica longirostris

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Magdalena Antbird

    Sipia palliata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Masked Mountain-Tanager

    Tephrophilus wetmorei

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Orange-eared Tanager

    Chlorochrysa calliparaea

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Orinoco Softtail

    Thripophaga cherriei

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Paradise Tanager

    Tangara chilensis

    Paradise-Tanager-Tangara-chilensis SEE MORE
  • Perija Brush-finch

    Arremon perijanus

    Perija Brush-finch SEE MORE
  • Perija Thistletail

    Asthenes perijana

    Pied Lapwing SEE MORE
  • Pompadour Cotinga

    Xipholena punicea

    Pompadour Cotinga SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner

    Clibanornis rufipectus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Parakeet

    Pyrrhura viridicata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Tapaculo

    Scytalopus sanctaemartae

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Sooty Ant-tanager

    Habia gutturalis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Spangled Cotinga

    Cotinga cayana

    Spangled Cotinga SEE MORE
  • Spot-backed Antbird

    Hylophylax naevius

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-backed Fire-eye

    Pyriglena leuconota

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-eared Jacamar

    Galbalcyrhynchus leucotis

    White-eared Jacamar SEE MORE
  • White-mantled Barbet

    Capito hypoleucus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-rimmed Brush-finch

    Atlapetes leucopis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-tailed Starfronlet

    Coeligena phalerata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-tailed Starfronlet

    Coeligena phalerata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-whiskered Spinetail

    Synallaxis candei

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Brush-finch

    Atlapetes melanocephalus

    Santa Marta Brush-finch SEE MORE
  • Indigo-capped Hummingbird

    Amazilia cyanifrons

    Indigo-capped Hummingbird SEE MORE