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We are an experienced tour operator based in San Agustín, Huila, one of Latin-American’s archaeological capitals, working under the principles of sustainability, respect for the environment and the local communities, seeking to offer original travel experiences in country’s known and not-so-known destinations. We are lovers of nature and adventure, exploring Colombian paths by kayak, trekking, bicycle, amongst other activities, making sure to accomplish the necessary safety standards, as well as with the vast experience our specialized bilingual guides who know and love the country. We have operational offices in Bogotá and Cartagena, as well as allies in the main national destinations that share our commitment with sustainability and quality, allowing us to assure high service and support standards for travelers and partners from all over the world interested in traveling Colombia in an authentic and responsible way.



  • Crimson-mantled woodpecker

    Colaptes rivolii

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  • Golden tanager

    Tangara arthus

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  • Golden-fronted whitestart

    Myioborus chrysops

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  • Grass-green Tanager

    Chlorornis riefferii

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  • Lafresnaya lafresnayi

    Mountain Velvetbreast

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  • Red-faced Spinetail

    Cranioleuca erythrops

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  • Smooth-billed Ani

    Crotophaga ani

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