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Birding and Herping SAS

We are a specialized agency created in 2015. Our purpose is to enjoy the great biodiversity and cultural richness of Colombia; especially the Coffee Region, through wildlife tourism. Our tours are specially designed for you to enjoy some of the most pristine and unexplored placesin the world; in a country with an incalculable natural wealth.Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity, a consequence of its privilegedposition in the Neotropical region. Biogeographic and landscape aspects have made the countryone of the richest and most diverse in bird species. Currently, the country has about 1921 bird species, of which almost 4% of them are endemic. Our Bird Watching Tours are specially designed for you to enjoy all that magic that exists when visiting areas and nature reserves, Paramos, High Andean Forests, Fog Forests, Dry Forests and Tropical Humid Forests. All of them of great importance for the great diversity of the Colombian avifauna. Our commitment is to promote and encourage the conservation of natural areas through nature tourism; which generates economic alternatives for the local community and in turn motivates the creation and establishment of protected areas of civil society; this declaration guarantees the perpetuity conservation of forests, natural areas, biological corridors of great value and importance for the species of fauna and flora of the region and the country.



  • Acorn Woodpecker

    Melanerpes formicivorus

    Acorn Woodpecker SEE MORE
  • African Comb Duck

    Sarkidiornis melanotos

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Amazonian Grey Saltator

    Saltator coerulescens

    Amazonian Grey SEE MORE
  • Andean Condor

    Vultur gryphus

    Andean Condor SEE MORE
  • Anhinga

    Anhinga anhinga

    Anhinga Anhinga SEE MORE
  • Bar-crested Antshrike

    Thamnophilus multistriatus

    Bar Crested Antshrike SEE MORE
  • Bare-faced Ibis

    Phimosus infuscatus

    Bare faced ibis SEE MORE
  • Beryl-spangled Tanager

    Tangara nigroviridis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-and-gold Tanager

    Bangsia melanochlamys

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-billed Mountain-Toucan

    Andigena nigrirostris

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Blue-necked Tanager

    Tangara cyanicollis

    Blue-necked Tanager SEE MORE
  • Bronze-winged Parrot

    Pionus chalcopterus

    Bronze-winged Parrot  Pionus chalcopterus SEE MORE
  • Buff-necked Ibis

    Theristicus caudatus

    Buff-necked Ibis_Theristicus SEE MORE
  • Buffy Helmetcrest

    Oxypogon stuebelii

    Bird Buffy Helmetcrest | Colombian Birds SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer

    Diglossa gloriosissima

    Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-breasted Tanager

    Tangara arthus

  • Colombian Chachalaca

    Ortalis columbiana

    Colombian Chachalaca SEE MORE
  • Common Potoo

    Nyctibius griseus

    Common Potoo_Nyctibius SEE MORE
  • Crimson-rumped Toucanet

    Aulacorhynchus haematopygus

    Crimson-rumped Toucanet SEE MORE
  • Fawn-breasted Brilliant

    Heliodoxa rubinoides

    Fawn-breasted Brilliant SEE MORE
  • Glistening-green Tanager

    Chlorochrysa phoenicotis

    Glistening-green Tanager SEE MORE
  • Gold-ringed Tanager

    Bangsia aureocincta

    Gold-ringed Tanager SEE MORE
  • Golden-chested Tanager

    Bangsia rothschildi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Golden-crowned Tanager

    Iridosornis rufivertex

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Golden-headed Quetzal

    Pharomachrus auriceps

    Golden-headed Quetzal SEE MORE
  • Golden-naped Tanager

    Tangara ruficervix

    Golden-naped Tanager_Tangara ruficervix SEE MORE
  • Golden-plumed Parakeet

    Leptosittaca branickii

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Green hermit

    Phaethornis guy

    Green Hermit_Phaethornis guy SEE MORE
  • Green Honeycreeper

    Chlorophanes spiza

    Green Honeycreeper SEE MORE
  • Green Thorntail

    Discosura conversii

    Green Thorntail SEE MORE
  • Green-and-black Fruiteater

    Pipreola riefferii

    Green-and-black SEE MORE
  • Grey-breasted Mountain-toucan

    Andigena hypoglauca

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Greyish-throated Toucanet

    Aulacorhynchus albivitta

    Greyish-throated SEE MORE
  • Little Cuckoo

    Coccycua minuta

    Little Cuckoo SEE MORE
  • Long-billed Starthroat

    Heliomaster longirostris

    Long-billed Starthroat SEE MORE
  • Multicoloured Tanager

    Chlorochrysa nitidissima

    Multicoloured Tanager SEE MORE
  • Orange-bellied Euphonia

    Euphonia xanthogaster

    Orange-bellied Euphonia SEE MORE
  • Parker's Antbird

    Cercomacroides parkeri

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Purple-throated Woodstar

    Calliphlox mitchellii

    Purple-throated SEE MORE
  • Purplish-mantled Tanager

    Iridosornis porphyrocephalus

    Purplish-mantled Tanager SEE MORE
  • Rainbow-bearded Thornbill

    Chalcostigma herrani

    Rainbow-bearded SEE MORE
  • Red-crested Cotinga

    Ampelion rubrocristatus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Red-faced Spinetail

    Cranioleuca erythrops

    Red-faced Spinetail SEE MORE
  • Red-headed Barbet

    Eubucco bourcierii

    Red-headed Barbet SEE MORE
  • Red-ruffed Fruitcrow

    Pyroderus scutatus

    Red-ruffed Fruitcrow_Pyroder SEE MORE
  • Roadside Hawk

    Rupornis magnirostris

    Roadside Hawk SEE MORE
  • Rufous-fronted Parakeet

    Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Scarlet-and-white Tanager

    Chrysothlypis salmoni

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Scarlet-browed Tanager

    Heterospingus xanthopygius

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Sierra Nevada Brush-finch

    Arremon basilicus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Silver-throated Tanager

    Tangara icterocephala

    Silver-throated Tanager SEE MORE
  • Snail Kite

    Rostrhamus sociabilis

    Snail Kite SEE MORE
  • Speckled Hummingbird

    Adelomyia melanogenys

    Speckled Hummingbird SEE MORE
  • Spectacled Owl

    Pulsatrix perspicillata

    Spectacled Owl SEE MORE
  • Torrent Duck

    Merganetta armata

    Torrent Duck SEE MORE
  • Toucan Barbet

    Semnornis ramphastinus

    Toucan Barbet SEE MORE
  • Turquoise Dacnis

    Dacnis hartlaubi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Velvet-purple Coronet

    Boissonneaua jardini

    Velvet-purple-Coronet SEE MORE
  • Brown-banded Antpitta

    Grallaria milleri

    Brown-banded Anpitta_Grallaria SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-crowned Antpitta

    Grallaria ruficapilla

     Chestnut-crowned Antpitta SEE MORE
  • Cauca Guan

    Penelope perspicax

    Cauca Guan SEE MORE
  • Pacific Parrotlet

    Forpus coelestis

    Pacific Parrotlet SEE MORE