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Aviatur Colombia is a Tour Operator in Colombia with about 60 years of experience in the organization and operation of tourist services, events, incentive trips, conventions and the best experiences around the unique natural landscapes in Colombia. With direct operation and own offices in the main tourist destinations of Colombia



  • Amazonian Umbrellabird

    Cephalopterus ornatus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Apolinar's Wren

    Cistothorus apolinari

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Bare-faced Ibis

    Phimosus infuscatus

    Bare faced ibis SEE MORE
  • Bay-headed Tanager

    Tangara gyrola

    Bay Headed Tangara SEE MORE
  • Beautiful Jay

    Cyanolyca pulchra

    Beautiful Jay Cyanolyca SEE MORE
  • Bicolored Conebill

    Conirostrum bicolor

    Bicolored Conebill Conirostrum SEE MORE
  • Black Inca

    Coeligena prunellei

    Black Inca Coeligena SEE MORE
  • Black-and-gold Tanager

    Bangsia melanochlamys

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-billed Mountain-Toucan

    Andigena nigrirostris

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-chinned Mountain-tanager

    Anisognathus notabilis

    Black chinned Mountain Tanager SEE MORE
  • Black-crested Antshrike

    Sakesphorus canadensis

    Black Crested Anstsrike SEE MORE
  • Black-crowned Antshrike

    Thamnophilus atrinucha

    Black crowned Anstshike SEE MORE
  • Black-fronted Wood-quail

    Odontophorus atrifrons

    Black-fronted Wood-quail_Odontophorus atrifrons_Foto Christopher Calonje www.colombiabirdwatch.com SEE MORE
  • Black-thighed Puffleg

    Eriocnemis derbyi

    Black Thighned puffleg SEE MORE
  • Black-winged Saltator

    Saltator atripennis

    Black winged Saltator SEE MORE
  • Blue-billed Curassow

    Crax alberti

    Blue Billed Curassow Crax SEE MORE
  • Bogota Rail

    Rallus semiplumbeus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Booted Racket-tail

    Ocreatus underwoodii

    Booted Racket Tail Ocreatus Underwoodii SEE MORE
  • Brown-rumped Tapaculo

    Scytalopus latebricola

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Buffy Helmetcrest

    Oxypogon stuebelii

    Bird Buffy Helmetcrest | Colombian Birds SEE MORE
  • Buffy Hummingbird

    Leucippus fallax

    Bird Buffy Hummingbird | Colombian Birds SEE MORE
  • Chestnut Piculet

    Picumnus cinnamomeus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Chestnut Wood-Quail

    Odontophorus hyperythrus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer

    Diglossa gloriosissima

    Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-winged Chachalaca

    Ortalis garrula

    Chestnut-winged Chachalaca SEE MORE
  • Club-winged Manakin

    Machaeropterus deliciosus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Coppery Emerald

    Chlorostilbon russatus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Crested Ant-Tanager

    Habia cristata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Empress Brilliant

    Heliodoxa imperatrix

    Empress Brilliant Helidoxa imperatrix SEE MORE
  • Flame-faced Tanager

    Tangara parzudakii

    Flame-faced Tanager SEE MORE
  • Gold-ringed Tanager

    Bangsia aureocincta

    Gold-ringed Tanager SEE MORE
  • Golden-bellied Starfrontlet

    Coeligena bonapartei

    Golden-bellied SEE MORE
  • Golden-breasted Puffleg

    Eriocnemis mosquera

    Golden-breasted Puffleg SEE MORE
  • Golden-chested Tanager

    Bangsia rothschildi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Golden-fronted Greenlet

    Pachysylvia aurantiifrons

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Golden-green Woodpecker

    Picumnus chrysochloros

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Golden-naped Tanager

    Tangara ruficervix

    Golden-naped Tanager_Tangara ruficervix SEE MORE
  • Golden-winged Sparrow

    Arremon schlegeli

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Lance-tailed Manakin

    Chiroxiphia lanceolata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Moustached Antpitta

    Gralleria alleni

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Moustached Puffbird

    Malacoptila mystacalis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Munchique Wood-Wren

    Henicorhina negreti

    Munchique Wood-wren SEE MORE
  • Northern Scrub-flycatcher

    Sublegatus arenarum

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Parker's Antbird

    Cercomacroides parkeri

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Purple-throated Woodstar

    Calliphlox mitchellii

    Purple-throated SEE MORE
  • Purplish-mantled Tanager

    Iridosornis porphyrocephalus

    Purplish-mantled Tanager SEE MORE
  • Rainbow-bearded Thornbill

    Chalcostigma herrani

    Rainbow-bearded SEE MORE
  • Red-headed Barbet

    Eubucco bourcierii

    Red-headed Barbet SEE MORE
  • Red-ruffed Fruitcrow

    Pyroderus scutatus

    Red-ruffed Fruitcrow_Pyroder SEE MORE
  • Rosy Thrush-tanager

    Rhodinocichla rosea

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Rufous-breasted Wren

    Pheugopedius rutilus

    Rufous-breasted Wren SEE MORE
  • Rufous-browed Conebill

    Conirostrum rufum

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Rufous-tailed Hummingbird

    Amazilia tzacatl

    Rufous-tailed Hummingbird SEE MORE
  • Russet-throated Puffbird


    Russet-Throated Puffbird SEE MORE
  • Rusty-breasted Antpitta

    Grallaricula ferrugineipectus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Rusty-headed Spinetail

    Synallaxis fuscorufa

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Saffron-crowned Tanager

    Tangara xanthocephala

    Saffron-crowned Tanager SEE MORE
  • santa Marta Bush-Tyrant

    Myiotheretes pernix

    Santa Marta Bush SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner

    Clibanornis rufipectus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Parakeet

    Pyrrhura viridicata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Tapaculo

    Scytalopus sanctaemartae

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Woodstar

    Chaetocercus astreans

    Santa Marta Woodstar SEE MORE
  • Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird

    Lepidopyga lilliae

    Sapphire-bellied Hummingbird SEE MORE
  • Scaled Piculet

    Picumnus squamulatus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Silvery-throated Spinetail

    Synallaxis subpudica

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Slate-crowned Antpitta

    Grallaricula nana

    Slate-crowned Anpitta SEE MORE
  • Slender-billed Tyrannulet

    Inezia tenuirostris

    Slender-billed Tyrannulet SEE MORE
  • Steely-vented Hummingbird

    Amazilia saucerottei

    Steely-vented Hummingbird SEE MORE
  • Stiles's Tapaculo

    Scytalopus stilesi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Swallow Tanager

    Tersina viridis

    Swallow Tanager SEE MORE
  • Tocuyo Sparrow

    Arremonops tocuyensis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Torrent Duck

    Merganetta armata

    Torrent Duck SEE MORE
  • Toucan Barbet

    Semnornis ramphastinus

    Toucan Barbet SEE MORE
  • Trinidad Euphonia

    Euphonia trinitatis

    Trinidad Euphonia SEE MORE
  • Velvet-purple Coronet

    Boissonneaua jardini

    Velvet-purple-Coronet SEE MORE
  • Violet-tailed Sylph

    Aglaiocercus coelestis

    Violet-tailed Sylph SEE MORE
  • White-bellied Antbird

    Myrmeciza longipes

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-eared Jacamar

    Galbalcyrhynchus leucotis

    White-eared Jacamar SEE MORE
  • White-tipped Quetzal

    Pharomachrus fulgidus

    White-Tipped Quetzal SEE MORE
  • White-vented Plummeleteer

    White-vented Plumeleteer

    White-vented Plummeleteer SEE MORE
  • White-whiskered Spinetail

    Synallaxis candei

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Whooping Motmot

    Momotus subrufescens

    Whooping Motmot SEE MORE
  • Yellow-collared Chlorophonia

    Chlorophonia flavirostris

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Brown-banded Antpitta

    Grallaria milleri

    Brown-banded Anpitta_Grallaria SEE MORE
  • Chestnut-crowned Antpitta

    Grallaria ruficapilla

     Chestnut-crowned Antpitta SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Warbler

    Myiothlypis basilica

    Myiothlypis basilica SEE MORE
  • Black Solitaire

    Entomodestes coracinus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Blue-headed Sapphire

    Hylocharis grayi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Cauca Guan

    Penelope perspicax

    Cauca Guan SEE MORE
  • Choco Toucan

    Ramphastos brevis

    Choco Toucan SEE MORE
  • Crested Quetzal

    Pharomachrus antisianus

    Crested Quetzal SEE MORE
  • Crowned Woodnymph

    Thalurania colombica

    Crowned Woodnymph SEE MORE
  • Indigo-capped Hummingbird

    Amazilia cyanifrons

    Indigo-capped Hummingbird SEE MORE
  • Lined Quail-Dove

    Zentrygon linearis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Masked saltator

    Saltator cinctus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Multicolored Tanager

    Chlorochrysa nitidissima

    Multicolored Tanager SEE MORE
  • Ochre-breasted Tanager

    Chlorothraupis stolzmanni

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Ornate Hawk-Eagle

    Spizaetus ornatus

    Ornate Hawk SEE MORE
  • Pacific Parrotlet

    Forpus coelestis

    Pacific Parrotlet SEE MORE
  • Scaled Fruiteater

    Ampelioides tschudii

    Scaled Fruiteater SEE MORE
  • Slate-colored Seedeater

    Sporophila schistacea

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Spot-flanked Gallinule

    Porphyriops melanops

    Spot-flanked Gallinule SEE MORE
  • Western Tawny Antpitta

    Grallaria quitensis

    Tawny Antpitta SEE MORE
  • Bare-eyed Pigeon

    Patagioenas corensis

    Bare-eyed Pigeon SEE MORE
  • Bicolored Wren

    Campylorhynchus griseus

    Bicolored Wren SEE MORE
  • Black-and-chestnut Eagle

    Spizaetus isidori

    Black-and-chestnut Eagle SEE MORE
  • Black-backed Thornbill

    Ramphomicron dorsale

    Black backend Thorbill SEE MORE
  • Black-banded Woodcreeper

    Dendrocolaptes picumnus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-capped Tanager

    Stilpnia heinei

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-collared Hawk

    Busarellus nigricollis

    Black-collared Hawk SEE MORE
  • Black-throated Mango

    Anthracothorax nigricollis

    Black-throated Mango SEE MORE
  • Black-throated Tody-Tyrant

    Hemitriccus granadensis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Blue-winged Parrotlet

    Forpus xanthopterygius

    Blue-winged Parrotlet SEE MORE
  • Bronzed Cowbird

    Molothrus aeneus

    Bronzed Cowbird Molothrus SEE MORE
  • Clone of Bronzed Cowbird

    Cantorchilus leucotis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Buff-breasted Wren

    Cantorchilus leucotis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Cocoa Woodcreeper

    Xiphorhynchus susurrans

    Cocoa Woodcreeper SEE MORE
  • Crane Hawk

    Geranospiza caerulescens

    Crane Hawk SEE MORE
  • Fulvous Whistling-Duck

    Dendrocygna bicolor

    Fulvous Whistling SEE MORE
  • Glaucous Tanager

    Thraupis glaucocolpa

    Glaucous Tanager SEE MORE
  • Golden-breasted Fruiteater

    Pipreola aureopectus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Great Black Hawk

    Buteogallus urubitinga

    Great Black Hawk SEE MORE
  • Green-rumped Parrotlet

    Forpus passerinus

    Green-rumped Parrotlet SEE MORE
  • Hermit Wood-Wren

    Henicorhina anachoreta

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Orinocan Saltator

    Saltator orenocensis

    Orinocan Saltator SEE MORE
  • Pale-legged Hornero

    Furnarius leucopus

    Pale-legged Hornero SEE MORE
  • Pale-tipped Tyrannulet

    Inezia caudata

    Pale-tipped Tyrannulet SEE MORE
  • Pied Water-Tyrant

    Fluvicola pica

    Pied Water SEE MORE
  • Pileated Finch

    Coryphospingus pileatus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Rufous-and-White Wren

    Thryophilus rufalbus

    Rufous-and-White Wren SEE MORE
  • Rufous-breasted Hermit

    Glaucis hirsutus

    Rufous-breasted Hermit SEE MORE
  • Rufous-vented Chachalaca

    Ortalis ruficauda

    Rufous-vented Chachalaca SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Antbird

    Drymophila hellmayri

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Antpitta

    Grallaria bangsi

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Blossomcrown

    Anthocephala floriceps

    Santa Marta Blossomcrown SEE MORE
  • Santa Marta Wren

    Troglodytes monticola

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Sapphire-throated Hummingbird

    Lepidopyga coeruleogularis

    Sapphire-throated Hummingbird SEE MORE
  • Southern Bentbill

    Oncostoma olivaceum

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Spot-breasted Woodpecker

    Colaptes punctigula

    Spot-breasted Woodpecker SEE MORE
  • Turquoise-winged Parrotlet

    Forpus spengeli

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Vermilion Cardinal

    Cardinalis phoeniceus

    Vermilion Cardinal SEE MORE
  • White-chinned Sapphire

    Chlorestes cyanus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-faced Whistling-Duck

    Dendrocygna viduata

    White-faced Whistling SEE MORE
  • White-headed Marsh-tyrant

    Arundinicola leucocephala

    White-headed Marsh SEE MORE
  • White-lored Warbler

    Myiothlypis conspicillata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • White-tailed Starfrontlet

    Coeligena phalerata

    White-tailed Starfrontlet SEE MORE
  • Yellow-crowned Whitestart

    Myioborus flavivertex

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Amazon Kingfisher

    Chloroceryle amazona

  • Amazonian Streaked Antwren

    Myrmotherula multostriata

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black Skimmer

    Rynchops niger

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Black-chinned Antbird

    Hypocnemoides melanopogon

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Buff-breasted Sandpiper

    Calidris subruficollis

    Buff-breasted Sandpiper SEE MORE
  • White-eyed Attila

    Attila bolivianus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Greater Ani

    Crotophaga major

    Greater Ani SEE MORE
  • Hoatzin

    Opisthocomus hoazin

    Hoatzin SEE MORE
  • Large-billed Tern

    Phaetusa simplex

    Large-billed Tern SEE MORE
  • Leaden Antwren

    Myrmotherula assimilis

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Pied Lapwing

    Vanellus cayanus

    Pied Lapwing SEE MORE
  • Purple Gallinule

    Porphyrio martinica

    Purple Gallinule SEE MORE
  • Red-throated Caracara

    Ibycter americanus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Ringed Kingfisher

    Megaceryle torquata

    Ringed Kingfisher SEE MORE
  • Sungrebe

    Heliornis fulica

    Sungrebe SEE MORE
  • Red-billed Toucan

    Ramphastos tucanus

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Yellow-billed Nunbird

    Monasa flavirostris

    image-default-birds SEE MORE
  • Yellow-billed Tern

    Sternula superciliaris

    Yellow-billed Tern SEE MORE
  • Zone-tailed Hawk

    Buteo albonotatus

    Zone-tailed Hawk SEE MORE