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Urban Beauty in Pasto

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What to eat in Pasto


The guinea pig, a rodent that is cooked until its skin is crisp, and the pastuso fry —usually made with pork —are the stars of Nariño’s gastronomy. The hervido(a liquor) and locro (a soup) are also popular here.



The guinea pig, or cuy, a tender looking animal, is beloved by the people of Nariño and is considered a delicacy in Pasto and the surrounding area. Homemade preparation is essential. 


    These empanadas are filled with a mixture of meat and potatoes with salt, onion, garlic, and achiote.

    Pipián Pasties
    A classic flavor

    These rodents are cooked until their skins are crisp, and served with potato and corn among other things.

    Guinea pig (Cuy)
    A treat from Pasto

    Peeled pineapple, rice, brown sugar, cinnamon, and sour orange leaves are combined in this drink.

    Rice masato
    A rich drink
  • Champús

    Photo by: Rudolf © Intermedio Editores SAS.

    This sweet is prepared with limes, cinnamon, cloves and sugar.

    Acid and sweet



Several restaurants in Pasto specialize in guinea pig, the signature dish of Nariño. There are also restaurants that serve international food and food from other regions of Colombia.