Go fishing amid breathtaking surroundings

La Macarena - Un destino natural que maravilla

Photo by: Gabriel Rojas / Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

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La Macarena

A natural destination that inspires wonder.

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Go fishing amid breathtaking surroundings

An activity that has enjoyed increasing popularity at La Macarena is fishing in the rapids upstream on the Guayabero River. In the area known as El Cajón, which is located one hour by motorboat south of the municipality, travelers can see an abundance of birds and capture distinct species of fish, including the gilded catfish, which visitors must throw back in the water after catching them.


The unique beauty of Caño Cristales, which features sites such as Los Ochos, La Escalera, and Salto del Águila, are the main attraction for visitors coming to La Macarena.