Mompox - A destination rich in history and tradition

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

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A destination rich in history and tradition

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What to eat in Mompox

The menu includes roasted, fried, and stewed mojarras, catfish, and bocachicos; pork, beef, and duck meat; butifarra sausage; and traditional egg arepas.




Traditional queso de capa and fresh lemon curd made from a recipe that has been passed down for generations make up some of the variety of dishes that visitors will discover in Mompox.



    All the flavor and joy of the Colombian Caribbean is contained in coconut rice.

    Coconut Rice
    Not to be missed!
  • Rice with chipi chipi

    Photo by: Rudolf © Intermedio Editores SAS.

    This dish combines the flavour of rice with a small local mollusk.

    Rice with chipi chipi
    A symbol of Colombian Caribbean cuisine

    Arepa and egg is the perfect traditional breakfast meal.

    Arepa and egg
    An emblem of Cartagena


In Mompox you can always find both typical regional delicacies and good international dishes—the choice is yours!