Manaure Salt Flats

Guajira colombia

Foto por: Karen Salamanca, Revela 2014

24°C (75°F)
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The capital of La Guajira

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Manaure Salt Flats

Shovels begin scooping the salt mountains before the crack of dawn. The persons who collect salt in the ponds of the Manaure Salt Flats—located 39 miles northeast of Riohacha by car, conduct their labor in the wee hours in order to avoid the heat. The landscape of this area, which extends over some 4200 hectares, is eerie, with hills of salt reflected in ponds of water. 


Encounter the indigenous Wayúu culture at their settlements. Relax on the beaches of Cabo de La Vela. Take in the sights and sounds of the nature reserves in the area. These are just some of the many enticing options that await travelers at Riohacha.