Macuira National Nature Park

Guajira colombia

Foto por: Karen Salamanca, Revela 2014

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The capital of La Guajira

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Macuira National Nature Park

Macuira National Nature Park is a 25,000-hectare oasis located in the desert of Upper Guajira. This reserve, which is located north of Riohacha in Nazareth, in the municipality of Uribia, can be reached in 8 hours via a trip in an all-terrain vehicle. Macuira National Nature Park is ideal for bird watching, since 140 different bird species have been recorded at the site—17 of which can be seen there and nowhere else. A number of forest ecosystems can be found within the reserve.



Encounter the indigenous Wayúu culture at their settlements. Relax on the beaches of Cabo de La Vela. Take in the sights and sounds of the nature reserves in the area. These are just some of the many enticing options that await travelers at Riohacha.