Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

Guajira colombia

Foto por: Karen Salamanca, Revela 2014

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The capital of La Guajira

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Conoce el Santuario de Fauna y Flora Los Flamencos, Riohacha

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia.

Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary

You can watch flamencos feeding at Los Flamencos Fauna and Flora Sanctuary, located in the town of Camarones, 15 minutes south of Riohacha. There, in an area encompassing 7000 hectares, hundreds of these birds stick their beaks into the estuary of the Camarones River in search of the artemia salina—a species of brine shrimp that give flamingos their pink color.  Flamingos also feed on the larvae of shrimp and other species. 




Encounter the indigenous Wayúu culture at their settlements. Relax on the beaches of Cabo de La Vela. Take in the sights and sounds of the nature reserves in the area. These are just some of the many enticing options that await travelers at Riohacha.