Meet the National Aviary of Colombia

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Cartagena de Indias

The walled city, pride of Colombia

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Meet Aviario Nacional of Colombia

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Meet the National Aviary of Colombia

National Aviary of Colombia has 138 bird species and about 1,800 copies. Located 14.5 KM between Cartagena - Baru is the largest aviary of America. A tourist attraction that promotes the care of nature along with the importance of environmental sustainability including: the Harpy Eagle, the toucan Caribbean, the Pink Flamingos, Crane Corona, among others. It also has three systemic eco environments (rainforest, coast and desert) that support its wide variety of permanent exhibits.


This city is an open-air museum, but has more than just culture and history to offer. Cartagena is also a traveler destination for beaches, water sports, and crafts, among other things.