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Villa de Leyva

A beauty of Boyaca

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What to eat in Villa de Leyva


In Villa de Leyva you can taste foods such as cheese buns, cassava bread, mute, is made from corn; and changua which is made with milk eggs cilantro and onions.  




The sausage, from the neighbouring town of Sutamarchán, is an unforgettable taste when visiting Villa de Leyva. Boyacense cuisine unfailingly includes corn cakes.

  • Mondongo

    Photo by: Rudolf © Intermedio Editores SAS.

    This soup’s main ingredients are pork, and chicken and is topped with cassava and cilantro.

    Spanish heritage
  • You can stave off the cold with hot panela water, served with cheese which melts inside.

    Panela water and cheese
    The juice of sugar cane
  • A clear example of Spanish heritage in Bogotá is cheese melting in a pot of hot chocolate. 

    Chocolate and cheese
    A sweet way to warm up
  • This soup, among other things, contains potatoes, carrots, beans and peas and pork.  

    Ground corn soup
    A mixture of America and Europe


Around the main square in Villa de Leyva there are many restaurants which serve not only local dishes but also top quality international cuisine.