Santa fe de Antioquia - The soul of Antioquia

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Santa fe de Antioquia

The soul of Antioquia

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What to eat in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Corn and beans, along with meat and fish, are important in Antioquian cuisine. The bandeja paisa is a must; also known as a traditional mountain region dish, the original recipe includes 15 ingredients.



The bandeja paisa, which includes beans, chorizo, pork, and eggs, among other things, and the mazamorra porridge, made with milk, corn, and panela (unrefined cane sugar) are distinctive dishes of Antioquia.


    The original recipe for this dish contains 15 ingredients, including beans, chorizo, chicharrón (roasted pork skin), fried egg, avocado, plantains, and corn arepa.

    Bandeja Paisa
    An Antioquia classic

    Western Antioquia is famous for its unique fruit, such as sugar apple fruit, custard apples, tangerines, mangoes and lulos.

    Unique colors and flavors

    This fruit juice is sour but villages like Sopetrán and Santa Fe de Antioquia are known for their sweet tamarind candies.

    Refreshing sour juice, sweet candy


Most restaurants in Santa Fe de Antioquia serve traditional local food, but restaurants serving international dishes can also be found.