San Agustín, Colombia

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San Agustín

A mysterious civilization

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What to eat in San Agustín

The huilense roast, cakes of cannas and fish like catfish and bocachico are often on the menu at San Agustín and other neighbouring towns.


The huilense barbecue, a dish prepared with tender pork meat, corn bread and boiled cassava, among other ingredients, is a taste that stays in your memory when you visit southern Huila.



  • Painted Catfish, Capaz and Bocachico fish are highly sought after in the department of Huila.

    The contribution of the rivers
  • The huilense barbecue is prepared with tender, bland pork, corn cakes wrapped in leaves, orejaeperro arepas (thin rice based arepas) and cassava.

    Huila barbecue
    Young suckling pig
  • Arepa

    Photo by: Rudolf © Intermedio Editores SAS.

    This is a white corn tortilla that is roasted. It can be eaten alone or with ingredients like cheese and onion and tomato stew.

    It goes with everything



In San Agustín and nearby municipalities there are restaurants where traditional dishes are served Huila. In the area there are also options for fast food and international food.