La Playa de Belén  - A living nativity scene.

Photo by: Filiberto Pinzón - Pueblos Patrimonio

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La Playa de Belén

A living nativity scene.

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What to eat in La Playa de Belén

Corn is ever present in the typical food of Bethlehem Beach, as well as tamales and stuffed cornmeal pasties. A  favourite drink here masato, a beverage made from rice, and figs stuffed with milk caramel are also a favourite treat.


Beach figs - figs stuffed with milk caramel are part of the  authentic flavourt hat can be enjoyed in Bethlehem Beach. Another classic dish is fried pasties.

  • Mute  is a suit which contains meat from the pig's head, the hooves of beef and  pork ribs which are all chopped into small pieces: white maize and potatoes, among other ingredients.

    A powerful soup
  • These pasties are stocked with meat, bacon, chickpeas, olives and capers among other things They are wrapped in plantain leaves. 

    Corn stuffed pasties
    For breakfast
  • These pastries are round and fried in the fat which are eaten  mainly at breakfast. They are made of corn with a mixture of rice,  chickpeas, cassava and chicken or beef.

    Fried flavour
  • These  cornmeal patties have a particular flavour in the town of Ocaña  and the surrounding area.

    The Ocaña corn patty
    Corn in Santander


It is easy to find typical food in restaurants in Bethlehem Beach and surrounding villages. There are also restaurants serving international fare.