Manizales - See the volcano from the city

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See the volcano from the city

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What to eat in Manizales


The Antioqueño influence in Manizales is reflected in dishes like the bandeja paisa, which includes beans, pork, and eggs, among other things, and mazamorra porridge, made with milk, corn, and panela (unrefined cane sugar).



The bandeja paisa is a must; also known as a traditional mountain region dish, the original recipe includes 15 ingredients.




    The original recipe for this dish contains 15 ingredients, including beans, chorizo, chicharrón (roasted pork skin), fried egg, avocado, plantains, and corn arepa.

    Bandeja Paisa
    An Antioquia classic

    These exquisite, famous corn buns are made with gourmet cheese and cornmeal.

    A local treat
  • This porridge is made with milk and fresh corn, and is served with panela or guava jelly.

    Before Corn Flakes...
  • An arepa is a corn tortilla cooked over a coal fire. It can be eaten on its own or with cheese, onion, and tomato stew.

    Corn Arepa
    A perfect side dish



In Manizales you can find restaurants that serve traditional food as well as restaurants that serve international dishes. You can also find dining options in city malls.