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El Jardín

A charming destination

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What to eat in El Jardín

Corn and beans, along with meat and fish, are important components of Antioquian cuisine. The bandeja paisa is a must; also known as a traditional mountain region dish, the original recipe includes 15 ingredients.



Trout are grown in fresh water tanks, and handmade sweets like arequipe, panderitos and guava bocadillo are representative of the cuisine in El Jardín.

  • Mondongo

    Photo by: Rudolf © Intermedio Editores SAS.

    This soup’s main ingredients are pork, and chicken and is topped with cassava and cilantro.

    Spanish heritage

    The original recipe for this dish contains 15 ingredients, including beans, chorizo, chicharrón (roasted pork skin), fried egg, avocado, plantains, and corn arepa.

    Bandeja Paisa
    An Antioquia classic

    This soup is made with either country hen or chicken and is cooked with potato and plantains.

    The essence of Valle flavor
  • This porridge is made with milk and fresh corn, and is served with panela or guava jelly.

    Before Corn Flakes...


El Jardín has mainly typical restaurants where food of the department is served. Stand some where is possible eat freshly caught trout.