El Otoño Hot Springs

Manizales - See the volcano from the city

Photo by: ProColombia

12°C (54°F)
22°C (72°F)


See the volcano from the city

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El Otoño Hot Springs - Relax near Manizales

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia.

El Otoño Hot Springs


Around mile marker three along the old road to Nevado del Ruiz, in the town of Villamaría, travelers can relax in El Otoño Hot Springs. There is a hotel and a convention center here, as well as three thermal pools with an average temperature of 106°F. Massages, steam baths, Jacuzzis, and a water park with slides, among other things, are also available.



On the itinerary in Manizales: visiting the Cathedral and climbing up to the dome to see views of the city, bird watching, and relaxing in the hot springs nearby.