Calle de las Trampas

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Vital port of the Magdalena

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Camina por la Calle de las Trampas, Honda

Foto por: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia.

Calle de las Trampas

One of the streets most visited by travelers in Honda is the Calle de las Trampas, which got its name because the mazes that it consists of and are accompanied by large, old houses with balconies, gates, and dimly-lit lanterns. This winding course of the street begins on the slope of San Francisco and ends at the Calle del Retiro. 


Walk down the Calle de las Trampas and cross the Navarro Bridge in Honda; and follow the tracks of the Botanical Expedition of José Celestino Mutis in the neighboring areas of Mariquita and Ambalema are some plans to keep in mind.