Socorro, Colombia

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Colombian Heritage

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What to eat in Socorro

Hormigas culonas (ants) are a traditional food in El Socorro and Santander. You can also try mute soup here (a thick soup made of grains), as well as goat meat and arepas de maiz (a traditional biscuit).


Hormigas culonas (ants) come out of the earth once a year and are caught. They are roasted and salted. Just as is the case throughout the Santander region, you won't want to miss the taste of the region's specially aged meat.

  • Mute  is a suit which contains meat from the pig's head, the hooves of beef and  pork ribs which are all chopped into small pieces: white maize and potatoes, among other ingredients.

    A powerful soup

    This guava paste jelly is famous in the town of Vélez.

    Veleño jelly
    Candy from the land
  • The meat is seasoned with salt, spices, and sometimes panela and dried in the sun for a couple of days. 


    Oreada meat
    Cook meat the Santander way
  • Pepitoria

    Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia


    Goat entrails and blood sit on a bed of rice in this dish, seasoned with powdered seeds, spices, and breadcrumbs, among other ingredients.

    Brave this unique Santander tradition


En El Socorro funcionan restaurantes donde se consiguen buenos platos tradicionales de la cocina santandereana. No faltan sitios en los que se prueba comida internacional.