Taste of el Jardín

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Photo by: Jaime Henao, Concurso Revela

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El Jardín

A charming destination

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Taste of el Jardín - Trout and handmade candy

Photo by: Filiberto Pinzón - Pueblos Patrimoniales

Taste of el Jardín

Visitors to El Jardín can taste authentic flavors such as the handmade candies, which are made using 22 varieties of milk fudge, including soursop, mango, rose petal, and sweet basil jam. Sugarcane is also grown in El Jardín, and visitors can sample trout grown in tanks and served with fried plantains.


Some of the highlightsof this town in southwestern Antioquia include walking through the main park in El Jardín, entering the Basilica, and trying delicacies like trout and traditional sweets.