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Why do agro tourism Colombia?

Visitors can learn all about fruit and vegetable farming and production in Colombia by visiting farms and haciendas which still use ancestral methods of planting and harvesting.


Coffee experience
Photo by: ProColombia

Photo by: ProColombia

Enjoy the coffee experience in iconic and boutique estates in the Coffee Cultural Landscape, well-deserving of its UNESCO Heritage Site status.

Different experiences
Photo by: ProColombia

Photo by: ProColombia

Colombia and its coffee are inextricably linked. Travelers can enjoy experiences centered around this flagship product in places like the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Tolima, Santander, Nariño, Antioquia, Boyacá, and Huila.

Photo by: ProColombia

Photo by: ProColombia

Colombia is an agricultural country where you can learn about rural life. The farming community is very willing to share their customs, their relationship with the land, and their practical way of life.

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Guambiano Communities - indigenous of colombia

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Guambiano Communities

Learn about the lives of indigenous people in Cauca by visiting the Guambiano communities in Cajibío and Silvia. These...
Nabusímake, Valledupar

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.


Travelers can learn about the customs of the Arhuaco natives in Nabusimake, 15.5 miles from Pueblo Bello, west of...

National Agricultural Culture Park

The town of Quimbaya, located about 12 miles northwest of Armenia, is home to the National Agricultural Culture Park (...
Coffee culture - Where the world’s best coffee is grown

Photo by: Archivo Fotográfico FONTUR

Coffee culture - El Jardín

Visitors can learn about coffee culture and the cultivation and production of this symbolic bean in farms near El...

Visit the Hacienda San Alberto

Travel 20 miles from Armenia to the town of Buenavista in the south of Quindío to learn how to grow export quality...

Amazon World Ecological Park

The Amazon World Ecological Park, located 15 minutes from Leticia, is an environmental learning center that features...

Enjoy a Coffee Culture Tour

Dress up in traditional farmer’s clothes and walk through the trees to pick coffee beans in Calarcá, 7 4.3 miles east...

Mama Lulu’s Small Farm

Mama Lulu’s Small Farm in the town of Quimbaya, 12 miles northwest of Armenia is proof that is possible to live self-...

Taironaka Tour

In the Taironaka nature reserve, at kilometre 58 on the road to Riohacha, visitors may notice the cultural and...

Coffee culture in Salamina

In Salamina and in nearby towns travellers have the opportunity to learn about the culture of coffee when visiting...

Coffee culture

In Armenia and the surrounding area, travelers can learn about coffee culture by visiting farms where they are taught...

Explore the Amazon

Amacayacu National Park, whose name means “River of Hammocks” in Quechua, is a good starting point for exploring the...
The coffee culture - A scent that captivates

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

The coffee culture

In Pereira and its surroundings travellers can learn about coffee culture by visiting farms where they are taught how...
the sierra nevada in colombia

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The Sierra Nevada

Just 42 kilometres from the beaches where tourists refresh themselves to the sound of the waves the snowcapped summits...