Colombian Culture

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A world in one country

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Why do cultural tourism at Colombia?

Indians, mestizos, africans, palenqueros, gypsies, peasants, native islanders and European and Arab immigrants, among others, are all part of the Colombian cultural mosaic.

Different ways of seeing the world. Like the landscapes, cultural events in Colombia are endless. Coastal towns, mountain, forests and grassland, show visitors the customs that form its identity.

Ethnic Diversity

Colombia is a multi-ethnic and diverse nation. We have 84 indigenous peoples, 60 native languages ​​and a black population of about 10 % of the total.


The calendar is full of events, fairs and festivals in which Colombians celebrate their identity through artistic expressions such as music, dance and theatre.


Capital cities like Bogota, Cali and Medellin have a vast array of art, fashion and shopping. ArtBO, Cali Exposhow and Colombiamoda, stand out among other events.



What you cannot miss

  • Archaeological tourism

    A visit to archaeological sites teaches us about pre-Columbian indigenous civilizations who lived in these lands before...
  • Religious - A people with faith

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    Religious tourism

    Visitors can enjoy the many religious events in Colombia ranging from processions and ancient rituals to the beauty of...
  • Capital Cities of colombia

    Capital Cities

    Our vibrant urban life attracts visitors seeking examples of urban development, fashion trends and shopping trips among...
  • Cultural Events - There is always something to do

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    Cultural Events

    The cultural calendar in Colombia is marked by many different musical and artistic festivals which visitors can enjoy...
  • Cuisine - Good food for everyone & ravel

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    Culinary tourism

    Colombia’s cultural and climatic diversity give rise to an enormous variety of local cuisine ranging from the Guajira...
  • Heritage Destinations - World class treasures

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    Heritage Destinations

    Places which have been designated as world heritage sites are joined by others which Colombia has given unparallelled...
  • Local traditions

    Different climates and landscapes produce an enormous cultural variety in Colombia, where ethnic groups, dances,...