Arroz atollado con comida de mar, Caribe y pacífico colombiano


Good food for everyone

Why do cuisine tourism Colombia?

Colombia’s cultural and climatic diversity give rise to an enormous variety of local cuisine ranging from the Guajira to the Amazon and from the Pacific Coast to the Eastern Plains.

Cocina tradicional

Our geographic and cultural diversity is reflected in the wealth of traditional food. Rondón, egg arepas, guinea pigs and ants are some representative dishes.

National Culinary Congress

Popayan, host to the National Culinary Congress is a great culinary destination. Its wide variety of dishes earned the moniker City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

Food trends

The increase in the number of restaurants and new food trends made by our chefs make major cities country gourmet destinations.



Eat the fat-bottomed ant , Barichara

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