Land Adventures - Making inroads

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Adventure activities in land

Making inroads

Why do land adventures in Colombia?

Colombia is a country where the beautiful landscape blends with the thrill of exploring its abundant natural wonders. Here you are surrounded by fun.

Diferent places
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Photo by: ProColombia

A few fun ways to explore the sights of Colombia: biking in the mountains or on the roads, hiking, or even horseback riding.

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Photo by: ProColombia

Speleology, or cave exploration, will teach you about the landscape, fauna, and flora of unique sites.

Every Mountains
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Photo by: ProColombia

Even though Colombia is in the tropics, you can rock-climb, trek, or hike in mountains covered in ice and snow.

Activities and experiences

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Juanambú Canyon Park - Excitement for all

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Juanambú Canyon Park

An hour north of Pasto, tourists can experience exciting activities such as rafting, rappelling, climbing, hiking,...

Chiles Volcano

The Chiles volcano, on the border between Ecuador and Colombia, is a challenge for climbers and mountaineers seeking a...
Capurganá , Colombia travel

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Capurganá, located in the Caribbean, offers picture postcard white sandy landscapes between a small bay and a dense...


In Pacurita, three miles from Quibdó, you can fish, play beach volleyball, walk trails, and take an environmental canoe...

Suesca Rocks

The thrill of rock climbing can be experienced in Suesca, about 40 minutes by road to the northeast from Zipaquirá. In...
Practice Adventure sports, Armenia

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Practice Adventure sports

The hills and mountains around Armenia and nearby towns such as Calarcá are perfect for paragliding, rappelling,...

Ocetá Páramo

Frailejones mosses lichens and other plants adorn the landscape of the Ocetá páramo, a natural refuge that is reached...
Utría National Park - A delivery room for whales

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Utría National Park

The Botanical Garden of the Pacific in Bahía Solano contains 420 acres where visitors can walk along trails to learn...
The climbing wall

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The climbing wall

At the entrance to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá tourists find a place where they can feel the excitement offered by...
Big Pond Lagoon, Providencia

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Big Pond Lagoon

The Big Pond Lagoon, also known as Lake La Loma, is in the center of San Andres, where tourists can ride horses. This...

Adventure sports

The mountain scenery and nearby townships Pereira as Tribunas and Arabia are ideal for hiking, biking, practicing '...
Adventure in Santander - An exciting destination

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Adventure in Santander

Your heart beats faster when you enjoy adventure sports in the center of Santander. In San Gil, near Barichara,...

Los Nevados National Natural Park

A journey between four and six hours northeast from Pereira is required to get to Los Nevados National Natural Park. In...
Rock of Guatapé - A waterside giant

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Rock of Guatapé

The Rock of Guatapé or Guatapé is a rock 220 meters high. You can climb the 649 steps for a panoramic view of Peñol...

Adventure in Santander

You will experience the thrill of trying out adventure sports in the center of Santander. Near Socorro, in the town of...

The dunes of Taroa

The slope of the sandy mountain is steep, and its summit affords a view of the Caribbean Sea. It might seem like a...

Adventure in Santander

Your pulse increases from the emotion that is felt in Santander by practicing adventure sports. Close to Bucaramanga is...

Explore the Amazon

Amacayacu National Park, whose name means “River of Hammocks” in Quechua, is a good starting point for exploring the...
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Visit Tayrona Park

On one side the waves smash against volcanic rocks that are lined up next the beach: on the other side you seem to see...

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“Floating” on treetops

To “float” over the Amazon, visitors must overcome their fear of heights and climb a 115-foot tall tree in the...