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Destinations - Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Chocó

Environmentally conscious hotels in places like Bahia Solano and Nuquí are essential in this department. Cottages with great ocean views also abound.

Where sleep in Zipaquirá

The hotels operating in colonial style houses stand in Zipaquirá, a city where accommodation options include services such as wireless internet in places.

Where to sleep in Giron

Travelers to this area can stay in Girón or Bucaramanga, 5.5 miles north, where there are inns and hotels with swimming pools and other amenities.

Where sleep in San Agustín

In San Agustín travellers can find hostels to stay in. There are also old houses where you can stay and hotels with swimming pool offering relaxing views.

Where to sleep in Aguadas

Visitors can stay in lodgings and hotels that offer restaurants and other services in and around Aguadas.

Where to sleep in Buga

Buga offers a number of options for accommodation. There are hotels of all categories located in the historic center of town, near the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles.

Where to sleep in Playa De Belén

In Bethlehem Beach and Ocaña you can stay in colonial houses which offer restaurant services and have pools and other services for tourists. Some hotels have Wi-Fi Internet.

Where sleep in Manizales

Traditional hotels and coffee farms complement each other to enrich the accommodation options available to travelers in and around Manizales.

Where sleep in Bogotá

Accommodation is plentiful for business travelers in Bogotá. Visitors can also find cheap apartments, hostels, boutique hotels, and Green Seal hotels in the capital.

Where to sleep in Mompox

Restored mansions often accommodate visitors to Mompox, though hostel lodging and hotel options have increased in recent years.

Tamborito Festivities

The Festival of Tamborito, a traditional dance festival, is held every January in Nuquí, in the Gulf of Tribugá.

Hot Springs

A natural spa lies between the beach and the jungle a 30-minute walk south from Guachalito Beach near Nuquí. Dive into...
Guachalito Beach, Chocó

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.

Guachalito Beach

One of the most visited beaches of Chocó is Guachalito in the Gulf of Tribugá, a half-hour boat trip from Nuquí. Here...

Jurubirá Hot Springs

In the town of Nuquí, amid Chocó rainforest, travelers will find trails leading to the hot springs of Jurubirá near...
Destinations - Events

Cultural events in Chocó

In Bahía Solano, Nuquí, and Acandí, all the inhabitants get involved in joyous festivities centered around music and dancing.
Experiences you can't miss
Whale watching - The arrival of the Giants


Whale watching

The magnificent spectacle offered by humpback whales that come to calf in our warm waters can be enjoyed on the dark...
Specific experiences
Surfing in Chocó - Experience speed on a surfboard

Photo by:

Surfing in Chocó

There are three great surfing spots for beginners and experts alike in Nuquí, in the southern part of the Gulf of...
Whale Watching - Time of the giants


Whale Watching

Humpback whales (also known as Yubarta whales) travel over 5500 miles from the Antarctic each year, arriving to the...

Where can I find statistics on tourism?

CITUR (Tourist Information Center) is a comprehensive system for the management of tourism statistics in Colombia. The Center monitors industry trends and generates data for the formulation, assessment, monitoring and coordination of policies for the development of the sector, making use of...

Photo by: ProColombia


The jungle is the unique backdrop of many experiences in Chocó; it entirely surrounds the beach and seems to want to...