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Huila barbecue

The huilense barbecue is prepared with tender, bland pork, corn cakes wrapped in leaves, orejaeperro arepas (thin rice based arepas) and cassava.
Destinations - Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Giron

Travelers to this area can stay in Girón or Bucaramanga, 5.5 miles north, where there are inns and hotels with swimming pools and other amenities.

Where sleep in San Agustín

In San Agustín travellers can find hostels to stay in. There are also old houses where you can stay and hotels with swimming pool offering relaxing views.

Where sleep in Zipaquirá

The hotels operating in colonial style houses stand in Zipaquirá, a city where accommodation options include services such as wireless internet in places.

Where sleep in Armenia

In Quindío visitors can enjoy the charm of boutique hotels, the comfort of traditional hotels, and Green Seal accommodations promoting environmental responsibility.

Where to sleep in Cartagena

Cartagena offers a variety of accommodation options to its visitors. There are inns, as well as some large international chains that have recently built hotels with 100+ rooms.

Where to sleep in Villa de leyva

Old houses and spa hotels is make up some of the available accommodation in Villa de Leyva. There are also hostels and boutique hotels.

Where sleep in Ciénaga

Only 22 miles from Ciénaga, Santa Marta offers many options for accommodation, including hostels, hotels with swimming pools, resorts, and boutique hotels.

Where sleep in San Andrés

In San Andreas there are hotels that offer all-inclusive packages; also, there some that are 'boutique' style and others whose attraction is being near the beach. In Providence accommodation is...

Where sleep in Amazonas

In the Amazon you can choose between hotels with air conditioning and pools, and hostels with basic amenities. You can also stay in traditional wooden huts and longhouses.

Where sleep in Salamina

In Salamina is possible to stay in the historic centre of town in hotels whose architecture is characteristic of the Antioquian colonization. Do not miss the charm of boutique hotels.

Where sleep in Jericó

Visitors can stay in hotels near the main square of Jericó. Accommodations in the region are notable for their friendliness towards travelers.

Where sleep in Barichara

Accommodation options in Barichara include hostels, stylish boutique hotels, and accommodations with a pool, ideal for families. Colonial architecture is always respected.

Where to sleep in Chocó

Environmentally conscious hotels in places like Bahia Solano and Nuquí are essential in this department. Cottages with great ocean views also abound.

Where sleep in Medellín

Accommodation is plentiful for business travellers. In Medellin there are rental apartments, hostels, boutique hotels and green label hotels, among others.

Where sleep in Valledupar

Hotels with good tourist services are available in Valledupar. Elsewhere in the department, accommodation options are more basic.

Where to sleep in Buga

Buga offers a number of options for accommodation. There are hotels of all categories located in the historic center of town, near the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles.

Where can I find statistics on tourism?

CITUR (Tourist Information Center) is a comprehensive system for the management of tourism statistics in Colombia. The Center monitors industry trends and generates data for the formulation, assessment, monitoring and coordination of policies for the development of the sector, making use of...

Where should I exchange foreign currency?

We recommend exchanging dollars and other foreign currencies for pesos at authorized money exchange houses in airports, hotels and banks. You should never exchange currency on the street. We recommend consulting the website of the newspaper Portafolio ( ) for...
Destinations - What to eat

Where to eat in Playa De Belén

It is easy to find typical food in restaurants in Bethlehem Beach and surrounding villages. There are also restaurants serving international fare.