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Where can I find statistics on tourism?

CITUR (Tourist Information Center) is a comprehensive system for the management of tourism statistics in Colombia. The Center monitors industry trends and generates data for the formulation, assessment, monitoring and coordination of policies for the development of the sector, making use of...

Where can I find information on tour operators?

We recommend contacting tour operators and/or travel agencies through: a. . At the top of the page, you’ll find several options in blue. Select “Practical Information” and then “Tourist Directory.” Here you'll find service providers and tour...
Destinations - Where to sleep

Where sleep in Zipaquirá

The hotels operating in colonial style houses stand in Zipaquirá, a city where accommodation options include services such as wireless internet in places.

Where to sleep in Giron

Travelers to this area can stay in Girón or Bucaramanga, 5.5 miles north, where there are inns and hotels with swimming pools and other amenities.

Where sleep in San Agustín

In San Agustín travellers can find hostels to stay in. There are also old houses where you can stay and hotels with swimming pool offering relaxing views.

Where sleep in Barranquilla

Facilities for meetings and corporate events, the elegance of boutique hotels, and care for the environment enrich the options for accommodation in Barranquilla.

Where to sleep in Lorica

The most distinguished hotels in Lorica are found in the historic center of the Heritage Village. Accommodation options can also be found in other municipalities in Córdoba.

Where to sleep in Pasto

Pasto has hotels of various categories. In the rest of the department, the accommodation offered is simple but includes all the basic amenities required by tourists.

Where sleep in Santa Marta

Santa Marta offers a variety of accommodations. There are hostels, hotels with pools and restaurants; resorts, beachfront hotels and stylish boutique hotels.

Where sleep in Monguí

In Monguí it is possible to stay in hotels located in the historic centre. Mountain landscapes are also an attraction to finding accommodation options in the region.

Where sleep in Guaduas

Country hotels with swimming pools and restaurants, among other amenities, are a popular option for accommodation in Guaduas.

Where to sleep in Aguadas

Visitors can stay in lodgings and hotels that offer restaurants and other services in and around Aguadas.

Where to sleep in Cali

Cali offers a number of options for accommodation. Hotels of all categories as well as major international chains operate in the city.

Where to sleep in Villa de leyva

Old houses and spa hotels is make up some of the available accommodation in Villa de Leyva. There are also hostels and boutique hotels.

Where sleep in Manizales

Traditional hotels and coffee farms complement each other to enrich the accommodation options available to travelers in and around Manizales.

Where sleep in Bogotá

Accommodation is plentiful for business travelers in Bogotá. Visitors can also find cheap apartments, hostels, boutique hotels, and Green Seal hotels in the capital.

Where to sleep in Mompox

Restored mansions often accommodate visitors to Mompox, though hostel lodging and hotel options have increased in recent years.

Where to sleep in Popayán

There are many historic hotels of various categories in Popayán. In other parts of the department, accommodation is simple but include the basic amenities that tourists expect.

Where sleep in Santa fe de Antioquia

Santa Fe de Antioquia’s hotels are rich in tradition and good service. Options for accommodation include luxury boutique hotels.

Where sleep in Pereira

In Risaralda the charm of boutique hotels adds to the comfort of the traditional hotels and the relaxed atmosphere of rural accommodation.