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What to eat at Valledupar

Valledupar has several restaurants that serve traditional local dishes, such as stew. The city also offers international food.

What to eat at Cali

Cali is known for having expanded its culinary delights. You will find good restaurants in the city that serve traditional food as well as high quality international dishes.

What to eat at Manizales

In Manizales you can find restaurants that serve traditional food as well as restaurants that serve international dishes. You can also find dining options in city malls.

What to eat at Barranquilla

The cuisine in Barranquilla has increased in quality with the advent of excellent restaurants serving local and international cuisine. Some Arab cooking in the area is outstanding.

What to eat at San Andrés

In San Andrés tourists find good restaurants specializing in seafood and roadside stands selling typical food. In some hotels in Providence's good dishes.

What to eat at Mompox

In Mompox you can always find both typical regional delicacies and good international dishes—the choice is yours!

What to eat at San Agustín

In San Agustín and nearby municipalities there are restaurants where traditional dishes are served Huila. In the area there are also options for fast food and international food.

What to eat at Bogotá

Bogotá is a major dining destination thanks to the variety of haute cuisine restaurants offering both Colombian and international food.

What to eat at Aguadas

In Aguadas, travelers can try restaurants dedicated to the preparation of traditional foods like the bandeja paisa , a regional classic

What to eat at Cartagena

Visitors can enjoy meals at elegant restaurants dedicated to haute cuisine in the historic center, or at a diverse range of restaurants serving a combination of Creole and international cuisine.

What to eat at Chocó

You will eat well anywhere in Chocó; the locals are very experienced in preparing fish dishes. Good, simple restaurants can be found on the beaches and in hotels.

What to eat at Medellín

Typical food is strength of the restaurants in Medellin. However, in the city there also are high quality restaurants that serve international dishes.

What to eat at Ciénaga

Visitors can find several restaurants that serve traditional Caribbean food in Ciénaga. In some places, international dishes are also served.

What to eat at Santa Marta

The wide variety of good quality restaurants serving national and international dishes in Santa Marta has become a strong influence on their cuisine. Here are some sites.

what to eat in Villa de Leyva

Around the main square in Villa de Leyva there are many restaurants which serve not only local dishes but also top quality international cuisine.

What to eat at Amazonas

There are restaurants serving traditional regional dishes in Leticia and Puerto Nariño, but the most authentically prepared food is often found in indigenous communities.

What types of things are there to see in Colombia?

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What is the weather like in Colombia?

You can visit Colombia year-round, but rainy seasons usually occur between April and June and between September and November. Due to its tropical climate, the rainy season in Colombia often means brief rainstorms are followed within minutes by beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Similarly, due to...

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