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Santa Monica Premium Events, Medellín

Santa Monica Premium Events

Santa Monica is an event planning company that has been certified by the largest event organizer in the city; the Great...
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Bogotá, the host of large international events - An ideal destination for conferences, conventions and incentive tourism


Bogotá, the host of large international events

Embraced by the Andes Mountains, at 2,600 meters above sea level, Bogotá is the seat of government of Colombia and a...
Events - With our scenery and culture we attract world-class events


Our beautiful scenery and geographic location are only beginning of an unforgettable experience in corporate tourism.
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Cultural Events - There is always something to do


Cultural Events

The cultural calendar in Colombia is marked by many different musical and artistic festivals which visitors can enjoy...
Destinations - Events

Cultural events in Medellín

La Flower Festival attracts travellers from around the world to Medellin to enjoy events like the National Horse Fair, the Festival of Orchestras and the National Troubadour Festival.

Cultural events in Manizales

The Manizales Fair marks the start of the year for the city. This event revolves around bullfighting, but also includes music and a wide variety of cultural events.

Cultural events in Popayán

The Processions held during Holy Week top the list of popular events in Popayán and other municipalities of Cauca.

Cultural events in Bogotá

The Iberoamerican Theater Festival attracts travelers from around the world to Bogotá every two years for 17 days. The city and its inhabitants are completely immersed in this event.

Events in Bucaramanga

The livestock fair in Bucarmanga and the “fiesta del Señor de los Milagros” in the adjacent town of Giron are cultural events that portray the soul of the residents of the northeastern corner of...

Cultural events in Valledupar

The Festival of the Vallenato Legend in Valledupar has earned a prominent place on Colombia's cultural calendar and is attended by travelers worldwide. Other events are highlighted below.

Cultural events in San Andrés

The Green Moon Festival and the Homecoming festivities in San Andrés are cultural events that mark the calendar in the archipelago.

Events in Villa de Leyva

The Festival of Wind and Kite Flying Is one of the most attractive events in Villa De Leyva Each year for one weekend in August, the skies above the town are filled with colours.

Cultural events in Cali

The Cali Fair, the Pacific Music Festival and the Mono Núñez Festival all play an important role in the culture of the capital and the people of Valle del Cauca.

Cultural events in El Jardín

Each year begins with much joy in El Jardín thanks to the Fiestas de la Rosa (Rose Celebrations), during which jardineños and travelers enjoy parades, live music, and sporting events, among other...

Cultural events in Santa Marta

The Sea Festival and the Caribbean Theatre Festival mark the calendar of cultural events in Santa Marta. In this land there is always time to have fun and explore the local culture.

Cultural events in Cartagena

The November 11th festivities celebrating the Independence of Cartagena and the Indigenous Bagpipe Festival in San Jacinto are but two examples of the joy you can experience in this part of the...

Cultural events in Santa fe de Antioquia

The Film Festival of Santa Fe de Antioquia has transcended the boundaries of Antioquia. The Little Devils’ Festival is another highlight.

Cultural events in Buga

The Mono Núñez Festival in Ginebra and the National Agricultural Exhibition Fair Buga are events that attract many travellers.

Cultural events in Aguadas

Attend the Colombian National Pasillo Festival, which is held annually in mid-August, to get acquainted with the soaring notes of Andean music.