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Colombia is a natural laboratory for biodiversity. Travelers and birdwatchers can see vastly different ecosystems right...
Cartagena Colombia


Cartagena de Indias

The historic center enclosed by the walls of Cartagena is the soul of the city that inspired Gabriel García Márquez,...

San Andrés

In the islands, a UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, tourists are amazed with the colors of marine life; have fun with...


In the Amazon, nature is constantly putting on a show; just one of example of this are the pink dolphins that swim and...
Valledupar - The birthplace of vallenato

Photo by: John Murgas


In Valledupar vallenato music, paid tribute to in several monuments, celebrates the atmosphere of the city. The...


The essence of Buga lies in is its historic center, where many 17th and 18th century buildings still stand. After...

Villa de Leyva

Visitors to Villa de Leyva find beautifully preserved colonial buildings. Nonetheless, the present and future of this...
jardin colombia

Photo by: Jaime Henao, Concurso revela

El Jardín

There is no litter on the stone floor of the main park of El Jardín. This site is like a reception area for jardineños...
Lorica - A jewel of the Caribbean coast

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia


Founded on May 3, 1740, Santa Cruz de Lorica boasts a rich culture that is reflected in its architecture. Visitors can...


Barranquilla is known as the Golden Gate of Colombia because in the late nineteenth century it served as an entrance...
Specific experiences
 Amazonian lakes - Among lotuses and dolphins

Photo by:

Amazonian lakes

The Yahuarcaca lakes in the town of Leticia can be navigated by kayak through a jungle flanked by rubber trees and red...
Visit Tayrona Park - Where the jungle meets the ocean


Visit Tayrona Park

On one side the waves smash against volcanic rocks that are lined up next the beach: on the other side you seem to see...
Bird watching - 36 species that only live in these mountains

Photo by: Luis Orlado Aristizabal Gaviria, archivo fotográfico Fontur

Bird watching

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta offers bird watching enthusiasts the chance to see species among which the chicken...
Explore the Amazon - More natural, impossible


Explore the Amazon

Amacayacu National Park, whose name means “River of Hammocks” in Quechua, is a good starting point for exploring the...
Whale Watching - Time of the giants


Whale Watching

Humpback whales (also known as Yubarta whales) travel over 5500 miles from the Antarctic each year, arriving to the...
Meetings providers
Marina Internacional de Santa Marta, Santa Marta

Marina Internacional de Santa Marta

Founded in 2005, Island Global Yachting (IGY) currently manages 13 marinas, and owns seven. It runs a network of...
Marina Internacional de Santa Marta, Santa Marta

Marina Internacional de Santa Marta

The Santa Marta Marina is located in a privileged area within the city, which makes it attractive for carrying out...
Experiences you can't miss
Bird watching - Colours in the sky


Bird watching

The sound of flapping wings and throaty warbles heard in forests, mangroves, mountains and plains are ample reward for...
Whale watching - The arrival of the Giants


Whale watching

The magnificent spectacle offered by humpback whales that come to calf in our warm waters can be enjoyed on the dark...
Wildlife Watching  - Myriad forms of life


Wildlife Watching

Visitors who enjoy the simple pleasures of nature will enjoy the enormous variety of plants and animals that have made...