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How can I arrange a stay in National Parks?

You need to contact the office of National Parks of Colombia: Cra. 10 No. 20 - 30 Bogota - Colombia, PBX (57 1) 353 2400, Email: . Or through the website by clicking the Ecotourism link and choosing the region and the park in...

Can I obtain printed material from the tourism portal?

All physical material concerning our destinations is for exclusive use and international distribution in trade fairs and events, along with travel agencies or operators who promote our country abroad. Unfortunately therefore we cannot supply the material you request. The latest PROCOLOMBIA...
Destinations - Where to sleep

Where sleep in San Andrés

In San Andreas there are hotels that offer all-inclusive packages; also, there some that are 'boutique' style and others whose attraction is being near the beach. In Providence accommodation is...
Destinations - What to eat

What to eat at Monguí

Visitors to Monguí will find several restaurants that primarily serve typical food of Boyaca. In some places you can eat international dishes.

What to eat at Guaduas

Visitors can go to restaurants that specialize in preparing ajiaco in both Guaduas and surrounding villages.

what to eat in Villa de Leyva

Around the main square in Villa de Leyva there are many restaurants which serve not only local dishes but also top quality international cuisine.

What to eat at Manizales

In Manizales you can find restaurants that serve traditional food as well as restaurants that serve international dishes. You can also find dining options in city malls.

What to eat at Santa Marta

The wide variety of good quality restaurants serving national and international dishes in Santa Marta has become a strong influence on their cuisine. Here are some sites.

What to eat at Ciénaga

Visitors can find several restaurants that serve traditional Caribbean food in Ciénaga. In some places, international dishes are also served.
Specific experiences
Explore the Lost City - The soul of the Tayronas


Explore the Lost City

Visiting The Lost City is an unforgettable adventure Built around 700, it's the principal urban centre of the ancient...

Blacks and Whites Carnival

Locals paint their faces black one day and white the next. These are the two principal days of the Blacks and Whites...
Whale Watching - Time of the giants


Whale Watching

Humpback whales (also known as Yubarta whales) travel over 5500 miles from the Antarctic each year, arriving to the...


These exquisite, famous corn buns are made with gourmet cheese and cornmeal.


This porridge is made with milk and fresh corn, and is served with panela or guava jelly.

Corn Tamales

In Norte de Santander tamales are made with boiled corn. To these the following are added meat, carrots, onions and chickpeas or green peas among other ingredients.


This lentil dish is made with green plantains, hard cheese, milk, onion, garlic, and tomato.


Pandebono is bread made from cassava flour and cheese.
Experiences you can't miss
Wildlife Watching  - Myriad forms of life


Wildlife Watching

Visitors who enjoy the simple pleasures of nature will enjoy the enormous variety of plants and animals that have made...
Taste of el Jardín - Trout and handmade candy

Photo by: Filiberto Pinzón - Pueblos Patrimoniales

Taste of el Jardín

Visitors to El Jardín can taste authentic flavors such as the handmade candies, which are made using 22 varieties of...

Terracotta House

A house made of clay measuring 500 m² in Villa de Leyva is considered the largest piece of pottery in the world. This...