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Gold Museum

The Gold Museum in Manizales offers guided tours, workshops, and conferences on archaeology and history, among other...
Pablo Tobon Uribe Theatre

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Pablo Tobon Uribe Theatre

Visitors can take guided tours of the Pablo Tobon Uribe Theatre to learn about the history of this Cultural space that...

Neusa Dam Forest Park

Walks along nature trails, boat tours on the Neusa reservoir and camping are some of the options available to...
Specific experiences
Tour of the historic center - One of mankind’s treasures


Tour of the historic center

Whether you explore the town by foot, on bicycle, Segway, or horse-drawn carriage, you’re bound to marvel at the flower...

Sail and dock at our ports

With 1,642 kilometers of Caribbean coast, Colombia is a perfect destination for cruise ships carrying thousands of...
Destinations - Incentive travel

Incentive travel to Bucaramanga

Contact with nature is fundamental on trips made in Bucaramanga and other towns in the Department of Santander.