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Destinations - Where to sleep

Where to sleep in Playa De Belén

In Bethlehem Beach and Ocaña you can stay in colonial houses which offer restaurant services and have pools and other services for tourists. Some hotels have Wi-Fi Internet.

Where sleep in Valledupar

Hotels with good tourist services are available in Valledupar. Elsewhere in the department, accommodation options are more basic.

Where to sleep in Aguadas

Visitors can stay in lodgings and hotels that offer restaurants and other services in and around Aguadas.

Where sleep in El Jardín

In El Jardín visitors can stay in hotels with pool and restaurant services in the middle of a green mountain landscape. Accommodations here are known for their friendliness towards travelers.

Where sleep in Zipaquirá

The hotels operating in colonial style houses stand in Zipaquirá, a city where accommodation options include services such as wireless internet in places.
Specific experiences
Sail and dock at our ports - The gate of the Caribbean

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Sail and dock at our ports

Barranquilla is located outside the hurricane zone, so it is a safe harbor for sailors who travel the Caribbean on...
Enjoy the beaches - Beaches to choose from

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Enjoy the beaches

Stretches of white sand abound In Santa Marta and the surrounding area, perfect for sunbathing. In Tayrona Park, 34...
Sailing in Cartagena - A perfect port for sailboats


Sailing in Cartagena

Cartagena is geographically privileged; it’s located outside the hurricane belt. This makes it a safe harbor for small...

Gethsemane Homecoming

Always the center of the party, Getsemaní is called the “Zona Rosa” of Cartagena. This neighborhood near the Cartagena...



With the development of Santa Marta, recent years have seen modern shopping malls built where customers can access high...

How can I arrange a stay in National Parks?

You need to contact the office of National Parks of Colombia: Cra. 10 No. 20 - 30 Bogota - Colombia, PBX (57 1) 353 2400, Email: . Or through the website by clicking the Ecotourism link and choosing the region and the park in...

How much is the airport tax?

We wish to inform you that as of January 15, 2012 the airport tax is US$35.00 (Thirty-five US dollars), which may be paid in US dollars or Colombian pesos. The value in Colombian pesos is adjusted every 15 days, on the 14th and the 28th of each month, according to the daily exchange rate. At this...

How can I publish my company information in you website's directory?

To publish your company information on the site, the country's Official Tourism Site, you must be directly associated with the tourism union and be a tourist services provider (examples include: travel agency, hotel, inn, tour guide, car rental company, and professional...
Experiences you can't miss
Health tourism  - A Healthy Trip


Health tourism

Balance between mind, body and spirit. Colombia is an agricultural country with abundant healthy food from organic...
Nature Parks - The essence of Colombia


Nature Parks

Our Caribbean, and Pacific regions along with the Amazon and Orinoco basin containing 26 national ecological reserves,...
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Health and vaccination

Meet Colombia before traveling


Meet Colombia before traveling