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Is my driving license valid in Colombia?

According to Article 25 of Law 769 of 2002, driver's licenses issued in another country that are valid and which are used by tourists or individuals in transit on national territory will be considered valid, allowing them to be used to drive legally in Colombia. Therefore it is important that you...
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Meet Colombia before traveling
Rio Blanco Nature Reserve - An ideal bird watching site

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Rio Blanco Nature Reserve

The Río Blanco Nature Reserve, just under two miles from Manizales, is ideal for bird watching. In this nature reserve...
Rio Bravo Nature Reserve, Buga

Rio Bravo Nature Reserve

Located in one of the wettest areas of the world, the main attraction of the Rio Grande Nature Reserve is its well...

La Planada Nature Reserve

Located in the municipality of Ricaurte, the La Planada Nature Reserve is a good place to observe spectacled bears...
Aguas Claras Wildlife Reserve , Amazonas

Aguas Claras Wildlife Reserve

About 11 miles down the road leading to Tarapaca, travelers arrive at the Aguas Claras Wildlife Reserve, a place where...
Victoria Regia Nature Reserve, Amazonas

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.

Victoria Regia Nature Reserve

In the Victoria Regia Nature Reserve, a 15-minute boat ride from Leticia, you can admire the Amazon's largest water...

Mamancana Reserve

Emotions are not lacking in Santa Marta. Mamancana, a reserve of 600 hectares of dry tropical forest located on the...

Tanimboca Reserve

In its 75 acres of protected forest, Tanimboca Reserve offers ecotourism activities. Explore the swamp ecosystem on...
Salamanca Island Via Nature Reserve, Barranquilla

Salamanca Island Nature Reserve

From Barranquilla you can visit the Salamanca Island Nature Reserve in the jurisdiction of the towns of Pueblo Viejo...
La Macarena Wildlife Reserve, Pasto

La Macarena Wildlife Reserve

The La Macarena Nature reserve, kilometre 17 along the Pasto -Chachagüí road is a place where travellers can enjoy...
Marasha Nature Reserve

Photo by: Martha Liliana Tribiño Medina / Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Marasha Nature Reserve

Visit the Marasha Nature Reserve, a place to admire the landscape and biodiversity of flora and fauna, and 45 minutes...

Los Estoraques Unique Nature Reserve

Rock formations stimulate the imagination as any jigsaw puzzle to discover animal figures, people and objects that have...

Birds at the Sonso Lagoon Nature Reserve

During the winter, visitors from all around the world can watch migratory birds from North America at the Laguna Sonso...

San Sebastián La Castellana Ecological Reserve

In the municipality of El Retiro, 32 kilometres south of Medellin, visit the San Sebastián La Castellana Ecological...
Conoce el Santuario de Fauna y Flora Iguaque, Villa de Leyva

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia.

Iguaque Nature Reserve

Houses that are museums, an ostrich farm and a festival in which the tomato is the protagonist are some plans to enjoy...

Taironaka Tour

In the Taironaka nature reserve, at kilometre 58 on the road to Riohacha, visitors may notice the cultural and...
Playa de Belén  - A living nativity scene.

Photo by: Filiberto Pinzón - Pueblos Patrimoniales

Playa de Belén

When walking down the stone streets of Bethlehem Beach you can admire white walled houses, with brown balconies...
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Photo by: ProColombia


Having a coastline on the Caribbean as well as the Pacific Ocean Colombia is a privileged country offering a variety of...
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Santa Marta, a city that is always ready

The waves of the Caribbean Sea, the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada and some of the best beaches in South America set...