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Practical Information

Health and vaccination

Meet Colombia before traveling


Meet Colombia before traveling

Enjoy a Coffee Culture Tour

Dress up in traditional farmer’s clothes and walk through the trees to pick coffee beans in Calarcá, 7 4.3 miles east...

Gastronomic Tour

Fine dining has taken hold in recent years the city, especially its renovated centre, due to the opening of new...

Taironaka Tour

In the Taironaka nature reserve, at kilometre 58 on the road to Riohacha, visitors may notice the cultural and...

The aguadeño hat

Visitors to Aguadas can take a tour of the workshops that manufacture the famous aguadeño hat, a symbol of the city...
Santander Park, Amazonas

Santander Park

Tourists can visit the Hitoma Indigenous Community belonging to the Huitotos and take a guided tour given by the chief...

Where can I find information on tour operators?

We recommend contacting tour operators and/or travel agencies through: a. . At the top of the page, you’ll find several options in blue. Select “Practical Information” and then “Tourist Directory.” Here you'll find service providers and tour...

What types of things are there to see in Colombia?

Colombia is a country full of natural and cultural riches. We invite you to visit , our country's official tourism website to learn more. Click the pink link entitled "Plan your trip", follow the instructions, and fill in the required information:Where are you from? Enter your...
Specific experiences
Tour of the historic center - One of mankind’s treasures


Tour of the historic center

Whether you explore the town by foot, on bicycle, Segway, or horse-drawn carriage, you’re bound to marvel at the flower...
Enjoy the beaches - Beaches to choose from

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Enjoy the beaches

Stretches of white sand abound In Santa Marta and the surrounding area, perfect for sunbathing. In Tayrona Park, 34...

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San Agustín Archaeological Park

You can tour the San Agustín Archaeological Park, a place where travellers appreciate the traces that a civilization...
Diving - Colors underwater

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Any tourist can learn the basics of diving in San Andres. Schools offering certified courses for those interested in...
Experiences you can't miss
Salsa - There is flavour here!

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Colombia’s cultural and climatic diversity give rise to an enormous variety of local cuisine ranging from the Guajira...

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Colombia’s cultural and climatic diversity give rise to an enormous variety of local cuisine ranging from the Guajira...

Photo by: Susan Espeleta - Miguel Acosta / Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Francisco el Hombre Festival

From March 20th to 22nd, the town of Riohacha, in the Department of La Guajira, fills with melodious harmonies thanks...



With over 50 golf courses Colombia, surpassed only by Argentina and Brazil, offers challenging courses in each region...
Destinations - Golf courses

Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf courses in Bogotá

Golf players are always seeking challenges, and one of these can be found in Bogotá: when playing at 2600 m above sea...

 Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf courses in Cali

Three 18 hole golf courses, along with a further two 9 hole courses make up the offer of golf courses in Cali.

Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf courses in Barranquilla

The challenge of playing golf on the shores of the Caribbean Sea makes these golf courses very attractive.