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General experiences
Adventure - An exciting adventure in nature



Here you can dive into the sea or climb snowy peaks; go rafting down rivers or fly over coffee plantations; walk, cycle...
Specific experiences
Shopping in Cali. - Something for everyone

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Shopping in Cali.

In recent years, Cali has seen the construction of a number of modern shopping centers, where the beautiful women of...


Shopping malls abound in all areas of Bogotá, so this city is ideal for people who love modern spaces full of large...
Events - With our scenery and culture we attract world-class events


Our beautiful scenery and geographic location are only beginning of an unforgettable experience in corporate tourism.
Why Colombia? - With our scenery and culture we attract world-class events


Why Colombia?

Colombia offers a variety of locations, climates and scenarios that will turn any event into an experience.
Destinations - Meetings and Conventions
Bogotá, the host of large international events - An ideal destination for conferences, conventions and incentive tourism


Bogotá, the host of large international events

Embraced by the Andes Mountains, at 2,600 meters above sea level, Bogotá is the seat of government of Colombia and a...

Santa Marta, a city that is always ready

The waves of the Caribbean Sea, the white peaks of the Sierra Nevada and some of the best beaches in South America set...

Armenia. city in the Coffee Culure Landscape

Located in the Coffee Cultural Landscape as declared by UNESCO in 2011, Armenia is a city where business events are...
Destinations - Golf courses

Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf Courses at Manizales

The 18 hole golf course at the Manizales country club challenges players and favours those a who can control their...

 Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf courses in Cali

Three 18 hole golf courses, along with a further two 9 hole courses make up the offer of golf courses in Cali.

Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf courses in Medellín

The home of Camilo Villegas, a distinguished PGA (Professional Golfers' Association) player, Medellín is home to some...
Experiences you can't miss

Local traditions

Different climates and landscapes produce an enormous cultural variety in Colombia, where ethnic groups, dances,...
Air Adventures - Life from above


Air Adventures

The tranquil silence felt when flying over rivers, mountains and other geographic wonders enrich those travellers who...

Lake Circuit

Take in the fresh air, try your hand at water sports, enjoy world-class camping and fishing – there’s no limit to what...
Medellín - Where spring is eternal

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia


From the mountains that surround the capital of Antioquia you can see how the Medellín River runs parallel to the Metro...
Destinations - What to eat

What to eat at Girón

Restaurants around Girón square serve traditional Santander and Colombian food. Some boutique hotels in the area offer haute cuisine.
Destinations - Incentive travel

Incentive tourism in Armenia

Armenia offers a wide range of food and recreational activities which complement the many tourist attractions in the...


Incentive travel to Bogotá

The cultural offer and infrastructure of the city are strong points which are complemented by the diversity found in...
Destinations - Where to sleep

Where sleep in San Andrés

In San Andreas there are hotels that offer all-inclusive packages; also, there some that are 'boutique' style and others whose attraction is being near the beach. In Providence accommodation is...

Where to sleep in Playa De Belén

In Bethlehem Beach and Ocaña you can stay in colonial houses which offer restaurant services and have pools and other services for tourists. Some hotels have Wi-Fi Internet.