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Rock of Guatapé - A waterside giant

Photo by: Andres Felipe Alvarez Henao

Rock of Guatapé

The Rock of Guatapé or Guatapé is a rock 220 meters high. You can climb the 649 steps for a panoramic view of Peñol...

Lovers’ Park

Lovers’ Park, on the north side of 63rd Street, is one of the busiest public spaces in Bogotá during the weekends and...
Lovers’ Park , Santa Marta

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.

Lovers’ Park

Lovers’ Park (also called Santander Park) was built in the early 20th century and is characterized by a statue of...

Leticia Tourist Boardwalk

The tourist boardwalk in Leticia is a quiet place where you can enjoy the breeze from the Amazon River and admire fiery...
Santa Verónica Tourist Stop , Barranquilla

Photo by: Viceministerio de turismo

Take a break at the Santa Verónica Tourist Stop

The vueltiao hat is a symbol of the Colombian Caribbean. An enormous example can be found on the roof of the Santa...
Western Suspension Bridge   , Santa fe de Antioquia

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.

Western Suspension Bridge

The almost 1,000-foot-long Western Bridge is a hanging bridge suspended over the River Cauca. If you look between the...

Humilladero Bridge

The 12-arch Humilladero Bridge was built in 1873 by Fray Serafin Barbetti. Its name is derived from the effort the...
Adobe Bridge

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Adobe Bridge

The masonry, made from a mixture of lime, sand, molasses and beef blood, gave the name to the famous bridge that...
Lover´s Bridge, Providencia

Photo by: Cesar René Blanco Zuñiga / Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Lover´s Bridge

Providence and the small island of Santa Catalina are connected by Lover´s Bridge, a floating wooden structure whose...
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Photo by: ProColombia

Your Dream Honeymoon

Couples who visit Cartagena to celebrate a special occasion can enjoy activities like holding hands while walking down...
Santa fe de Antioquia - The soul of Antioquia

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Santa fe de Antioquia

With a pleasant climate and average temperatures of 80°F, Santa Fe de Antioquia is a good destination for walking...


International Film Festival of Cartagena de Indias

The Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival (FICCI) is held every year in March. This event, which shines a...

International Ballet Festival

Take a break from frenzied salsa steps to enjoy the gentle movements of classical dance by attending the International...

International Coffee Lounge

Farmers, businesses men and fans of Colombia most famous drink meet every year in March at the International Coffee...

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

International Jazz Festival

Lively rhythms can be heard in Mompox every October during the International Jazz Festival, where national and...

International Theater Festival of Manizales

The Manizales Theater Festival is held every year between August and September. The event, which was created in 1968,...
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Country International Hotel, Barranquilla

Country International Hotel

Five-star hotel in Barranquilla, located in the best location north of the city and near the financial district,...
San Juan International Hotel, Bucaramanga

San Juan International Hotel

The San Juan International Hotel is located in the Giron municipality, which is 20 minutes from the Palonegro Airport...
La Triada International Hotel, Bucaramanga

La Triada International Hotel

La Triada international Hotel has a 104-bed occupancy located in the city of Bucaramanga. It has a fully furnished...