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The chicha, life and happiness Festival

The chicha, life and happiness Festival is a cultural heritage event in Bogotá, held every year in the Perseverance...

International Book Fair

Since its creation in 1988, the International Book Fair of Bogotá (FILBO) has been one of the most important cultural...

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

International Jazz Festival

Lively rhythms can be heard in Mompox every October during the International Jazz Festival, where national and...

International Coffee Lounge

Farmers, businesses men and fans of Colombia most famous drink meet every year in March at the International Coffee...

Leticia Tourist Boardwalk

The tourist boardwalk in Leticia is a quiet place where you can enjoy the breeze from the Amazon River and admire fiery...
Santa Verónica Tourist Stop , Barranquilla

Photo by: Viceministerio de turismo

Take a break at the Santa Verónica Tourist Stop

The vueltiao hat is a symbol of the Colombian Caribbean. An enormous example can be found on the roof of the Santa...

Stroll in the Park of Life

The Park of Life is a public space in the city in contact with nature that features 20 acres of paved trails,...
Enjoy the chicha, life and happiness Festival, Bogotá

The Chicha, Life, and Happiness Festival

The Chicha, Life, and Happiness Festival is a cultural heritage event held annually in the La Perseverancia...
Experience Holy Week - A destination steeped in religious tradition

Experience Holy Week

The Easter celebrations that have been held in Mompox since 1564 have yet to lose their luster. Processions loaded with...

World Adventure Park will take your breath away.

Seven different “worlds” of fun rides, including family, children’s, and extreme, are open for visitors to the World...

Gastronomic Tour

Fine dining has taken hold in recent years the city, especially its renovated centre, due to the opening of new...
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Meet Colombia before traveling


Meet Colombia before traveling
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Photo by: ProColombia

Your Dream Honeymoon

Couples who visit Cartagena to celebrate a special occasion can enjoy activities like holding hands while walking down...

What types of things are there to see in Colombia?

Colombia is a country full of natural and cultural riches. We invite you to visit , our country's official tourism website to learn more. Click the pink link entitled "Plan your trip", follow the instructions, and fill in the required information:Where are you from? Enter your...
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Lake Circuit

Take in the fresh air, try your hand at water sports, enjoy world-class camping and fishing – there’s no limit to what...
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San Juan International Hotel, Bucaramanga

San Juan International Hotel

The San Juan International Hotel is located in the Giron municipality, which is 20 minutes from the Palonegro Airport...