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Leticia Tourist Boardwalk

The tourist boardwalk in Leticia is a quiet place where you can enjoy the breeze from the Amazon River and admire fiery...
Santa Verónica Tourist Stop , Barranquilla

Photo by: Viceministerio de turismo

Take a break at the Santa Verónica Tourist Stop

The vueltiao hat is a symbol of the Colombian Caribbean. An enormous example can be found on the roof of the Santa...
General results

What is the weather like in Colombia?

You can visit Colombia year-round, but rainy seasons usually occur between April and June and between September and November. Due to its tropical climate, the rainy season in Colombia often means brief rainstorms are followed within minutes by beautiful sunshine and blue skies. Similarly, due to...

What types of things are there to see in Colombia?

Colombia is a country full of natural and cultural riches. We invite you to visit , our country's official tourism website to learn more. Click the pink link entitled "Plan your trip", follow the instructions, and fill in the required information:Where are you from? Enter your...

What are the entry requirements for citizens of Mercosur countries?

Citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela do not require a visitor's visa for the categories of visiting tourist, temporary visitor and technical visitor to enter and stay temporarily in Colombia as a visitor. Equally, according to the treaty on...

What is the voltage in Colombia?

Electricity VOLTAGE is 110 V AC at 60 Hz (110V AC, 60Hz). On industrial premises or for specific uses it is 220 V of alternating current at 60 Hz (220V AC, 60Hz). It is easy to find voltage adapters and tension regulators, but it is always advisable to check the technical specifications of devices...

What should be the period of validity of my passport when visiting Colombia?

To visit our country, the expiry date of your passport should not be less than 6 months or 180 days. If you are not a citizen of a MERCOSUR country you must renew your passport which should be valid for 10 years.
Destinations - What to eat

What to eat at Pasto

Several restaurants in Pasto specialize in guinea pig, the signature dish of Nariño. There are also restaurants that serve international food and food from other regions of Colombia.

What to eat at Popayán

Popayán has seen an increase in its number of restaurants in recent years, including both those that serve local dishes and those offering international food and dishes from other regions of Colombia.

What to eat at Barranquilla

The cuisine in Barranquilla has increased in quality with the advent of excellent restaurants serving local and international cuisine. Some Arab cooking in the area is outstanding.

What to eat at Lorica

Arabic food stands out in Lorica, while in other municipalities in the department of Cordoba you can easily find very good Colombian and international dishes featuring locally sourced meat and fish.

What to eat at Manizales

In Manizales you can find restaurants that serve traditional food as well as restaurants that serve international dishes. You can also find dining options in city malls.

What to eat at Valledupar

Valledupar has several restaurants that serve traditional local dishes, such as stew. The city also offers international food.

What to eat at Buga

The best chicken soup can be found n Buga and nearby towns such as Ginebra Travellers may also enjoy other Colombian and international dishes.

What to eat at San Agustín

In San Agustín and nearby municipalities there are restaurants where traditional dishes are served Huila. In the area there are also options for fast food and international food.

What to eat at Ciénaga

Visitors can find several restaurants that serve traditional Caribbean food in Ciénaga. In some places, international dishes are also served.

What to eat in Bucaramanga

Typical food from Santander or “comida santandereana” is prepared very well in several restaurants in Bucaramanga. In this city, the dinner guests may also find a place with international cuisine.

What to eat at Medellín

Typical food is strength of the restaurants in Medellin. However, in the city there also are high quality restaurants that serve international dishes.

What to eat at Monguí

Visitors to Monguí will find several restaurants that primarily serve typical food of Boyaca. In some places you can eat international dishes.