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Meet Colombia before traveling


Meet Colombia before traveling

Visit parks, museums, and squares

Legends abound in Cartagena. Stroll through the historic center and spot street names such as Callejón de los Estribos...

Las Hermosas National Nature Park

Las Hermosas National Nature Park, one of 58 parks in Colombia’s National Parks System, is highly accessible to...

Los Nevados National Natural Park

A journey between seven and nine hours northeast from Pereira is required to get to Los Nevados National Natural Park...

Munchique National Nature Park

Travelers enjoy birdwatching in the Munchique National Nature Park, where 500 bird species, including 37 types of...
National Hat Museum

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

National Hat Museum

About 300 handmade hats from Colombia and the world can be seen in the National Hat Museum. It is housed in the...
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Nature Parks - The essence of Colombia


Nature Parks

Our Caribbean, and Pacific regions along with the Amazon and Orinoco basin containing 26 national ecological reserves,...

How can I arrange a stay in National Parks?

You need to contact the office of National Parks of Colombia: Cra. 10 No. 20 - 30 Bogota - Colombia, PBX (57 1) 353 2400, Email: . Or through the website by clicking the Ecotourism link and choosing the region and the park in...

National Bambuco Competition

Bambuco National Competition takes place in Pereira In October, an event that highlights the most representative of the...

Buga National Agricultural Exhibition Fair

Visitors from various regions of Colombia and other countries gather each year in July at the Buga National...

Colombian National Pasillo Festival

Tiple, guitar, and mandolin sound with intensity every year in mid-August, during the National Pasillo Festival. This...
 National Gastronomic Congress of Popayán  - A culinary delight

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

National Gastronomic Congress of Popayán

Popayán is an exquisite culinary destination in Colombia. Every September, the city presents new flavors that are the...

Caimán Cienaguero National Festival

A caimán made of reeds with a rag doll in its mouth is the symbol of the Caimán Cienaguero National Festival, held...

Independence day and National Beauty Pageant

Every November, Colombia becomes a huge party thanks to the National Beauty Pageant, which has been held in Cartagena...

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

National Porro Festival

The National Porro Festival, which takes place in San Pelayo (a municipality bordering southern Lorica), brings...
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Colombia National Museum, Bogotá

Colombia National Museum

The museum was declared a national monument because of its historical and architectural worth. It offers the Teresa...
Chicamocha National Park, Bucaramanga

Chicamocha National Park

The Chicamocha National Park provides tourism services for Colombia and the world in a theme park located in the Canyon...


Walking through the paths in the parks in order to come in contact with nature while being in the city; visiting old...
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Armenia. city in the Coffee Culure Landscape

Located in the Coffee Cultural Landscape as declared by UNESCO in 2011, Armenia is a city where business events are...