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Adventure in Santander - An exciting destination

Photo by: Cesar Hernando Flórez León, Concurso Revela

Adventure in Santander

Your heart beats faster when you enjoy adventure sports in the center of Santander. In San Gil, near Girón, travelers...
Adventure in Santander - An exciting destination


Adventure in Santander

Your heart beats faster when you enjoy adventure sports in the center of Santander. In San Gil, near Barichara,...

Photo by: ProColombia

Your Dream Honeymoon

Couples who visit Cartagena to celebrate a special occasion can enjoy activities like holding hands while walking down...
Visit Tayrona Park - Where the jungle meets the ocean


Visit Tayrona Park

On one side the waves smash against volcanic rocks that are lined up next the beach: on the other side you seem to see...

Adventure in Santander

Your pulse increases from the emotion that is felt in Santander by practicing adventure sports. Close to Bucaramanga is...

Diving in Cartagena

Travelers from around the world come to dive in the Rosario Islands, the San Bernardo Archipelago, and at Barú. Divers...

Photo by: ProColombia

The sea of seven colors

The sea of ​​seven colors is evident through the window of a plane is about to land on the island of San Andrés. The...
Experiences you can't miss
Land Adventures - Making inroads


Land Adventures

Colombia is a country where the beautiful landscape blends with the thrill of exploring its abundant natural wonders...
Practice Adventure sports, Armenia

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia.

Practice Adventure sports

The hills and mountains around Armenia and nearby towns such as Calarcá are perfect for paragliding, rappelling,...
Adventure sports

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia.

Adventure sports

The mountain scenery and nearby townships Pereira as Tribunas and Arabia are ideal for hiking, biking and practicing '...

World Adventure Park will take your breath away.

Seven different “worlds” of fun rides, including family, children’s, and extreme, are open for visitors to the World...
Via Salamanca Island Nature Park, Santa Marta

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.

Via Salamanca Island Nature Park

Bird watching is a favourite activity of visitors to the Via Salamanca Island Nature Park, in the towns of Pueblo Viejo...

Visit Curití

Curití means “town of weavers” in the Guane language. The manufacture of potato sacks is the main business activity in...

El Poblado Promenade

El Poblado promenade, also called the Golden Mile owing to the commercial activity in the buildings of the area is a...
General experiences
Adventure - An exciting adventure in nature



Here you can dive into the sea or climb snowy peaks; go rafting down rivers or fly over coffee plantations; walk, cycle...
Destinations - Meetings and Conventions
Cartagena will astonish you - A city of history, sea and walls

Photo by: Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Cartagena will astonish you

Located on the Caribbean Sea, its colonial houses, its ancient monasteries, cobblestone streets and walls that defended...

Photo by: Instituto Municipal de Cultura y Turismo de Bucaramanga


Bucaramanga and the Department of Santander are known for offering a wide range of adventure travel activities. The...


It is easy to take good pictures in Barichara. Walking through its streets paved with clay-colored stones, visitors...


Walking through the paths in the parks in order to come in contact with nature while being in the city; visiting old...


Mountains planted with coffee and bananas; and valleys where bamboos and sugarcane crops are those who come to Pereira...