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Water adventures

There is an abundance of sites in Colombia where rivers, seas and lakes become ideal settings for combining sports and...

Lake Circuit

Take in the fresh air, try your hand at water sports, enjoy world-class camping and fishing – there’s no limit to what...
Specific experiences
Sail and dock at our ports - A safe area for sailboats and yachts

Photo by: Valentina Martelo Estévez, Revela 2013

Sail and dock at our ports

Sailors everywhere have begun to discover that a few days stop in Santa Marta makes your trip more enjoyable. This area...


The calm, clear waters of Santa Marta are perfect for divers from around the world who come to the 'most beautiful...

Adventure in Santander

Your pulse increases from the emotion that is felt in Santander by practicing adventure sports. Close to Bucaramanga is...
Adventure in Santander - An exciting destination


Adventure in Santander

Your heart beats faster when you enjoy adventure sports in the center of Santander. In San Gil, near Barichara,...
Destinations - Events

Cultural events in Guaduas

During the Honda Subienda Carnival, residents and tourists enjoy parades, fishing contests, a beauty pageant, and other activities.
Cispatá Bay, Lorica

Photo by: Carolina Parra Guio / Viceministerio de Turismo de Colombia

Cispatá Bay

Cispatá Bay, north of Lorica, is part of the Department of Córdoba and home to the traditional fishing village of San...

Palafito Peoples of the Great Swamp

A cultural exchange with fishing communities can be experienced near the town of Ciénaga in the stilt villages of the...


In Taganga, a fishing village located 15 minutes north of Santa Marta in a bay surrounded by mountains, travellers can...

Tacana Community

Travelers can enjoy canoeing, fishing, and swimming when visiting the Tacana Community. They can also choose to stay in...
Sapzurro, Chocó

Photo by: Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Turismo de Colombia.


Sapzurro, a fishing village with a quiet bay full of sailboats, kayaks, and canoes, is located 10 minutes away by boat...
Palafito towns of the Great Swamp - Life among fishermen

Palafito towns of the Great Swamp

A cultural exchange with fishing communities can be experienced near the town of Ciénaga in the stilt villages of the...
Destinations - What to eat

What to eat at Amazonas

There are restaurants serving traditional regional dishes in Leticia and Puerto Nariño, but the most authentically prepared food is often found in indigenous communities.
Destinations - Golf courses

Photo by: Juan Alejandro Parada / PROCOLOMBIA

Golf courses at Pereira

The Club Campestre de Pereira, golf course par 71, is one of the most challenging in the region. The grass on the...
General experiences
Adventure - An exciting adventure in nature



Here you can dive into the sea or climb snowy peaks; go rafting down rivers or fly over coffee plantations; walk, cycle...
Destinations - Incentive travel

Incentive tourism at Pereira

The friendliness of local inhabitants are a great asset in creating unforgettable experiences for incentive tourism in...
Incentive tourism to Medellín

Incentive tourism to Medellín

Medellín, called the "city of eternal spring ', was proclaimed in 2013 as the most innovative in the world. Its Feria...


It is easy to take good pictures in Barichara. Walking through its streets paved with clay-colored stones, visitors...
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