Health and vaccination

Meet Colombia before traveling

  • Capital: Bogotá
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Total population: 47.704.427 people
  • Time zone: COT (UTC-5)

HealTH and vaccination

It is important to be aware of potential risks when travelling. The most common illnesses in Colombia are acute altitude sickness, stomach problems, and in jungle areas malaria and yellow fever.

This information corresponds to current information from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Colombia

  • Vacunas


    You must be vaccinated against yellow fever at least 10 days before departure to these areas:

    • The departments of Amazonas, Caqueta, Casanare, Cesar, Guainia, Guaviare, Guajira, Meta, Putumayo, Vaupés and Vichada, where more than 80% of municipalities are classified as high risk.
    • The Department of Magdalena: The district of Santa Marta and the municipalities of Ciénaga and Aracataca.
    • The department of Norte de Santander, Catatumbo area: Convention municipalities, El Carmen, El Tarra, Teorama, Sardinata, Tibu, El Zulia, Hacarí and San Calixto.
    • The department of Chocó: Rio Sucio, Carmen del Darién, Juradó, Nuquí and Unguía.
    • The department of Antioquia: Dabeiba, Mutatá, Turbo and Yondó.

    The vaccine is not suitable for people with HIV, pregnant women and children under 6 months of age, among others. To visit nature parks or wilderness areas other vaccines, such as tetanus and hepatitis A and B are also recommended. Visitors from countries offering a dengue vaccine should have it applied before traveling if visiting sites below 1,800 m. For more information go to the following link with recommendations for the traveler given by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia

    For more information on yellow fever, download Circular 0014 of 2017 (Spanish)

  • Asistencia médica y compra de medicamento

    medical care and purchase of medicines

    Those wishing to visit Colombia should buy travel insurance giving them medical and emergency hospital care coverage. As regards medication and prescription drugs, these can be obtained without restriction in drugstores and pharmacies. You should verify that the package has the date of expiry and price printed on it.

  • Consumo de aguas

    water consumption

    Tap water is only safe to drink and use for cooking in Bogota. Other capital cities have very good water supply services, with water that can be used for bathing. In rural areas and small towns it is advisable to buy bottled water or in treatment plants.